The 12 Week Weight Losing Marathon-Part II


Hey there buddy!!

I am so happy you decided to join me for the marathon ^_^. We are definitely gonna have some fun =D. I am sure you can tell i am pretty excited. 5 of my friends told me they are going to be at my side and follow me through out the series. Yaayy!! That is the spirit guys!! Woohoo!!

Ok! so now i am hoping that you have read my previous posts. If you are having trouble starting out then you can read this post right HERE. It was the first post i did about weight loss. The next one was the part one of this very series, which you can find right HERE.

I will wait while you read.


Great so now we know how to start off. And i expect you know your weight and height. If you don't then find out please.
Below is a chart that will tell you what your ideal weight should be according to your height. If you don't like this chart, you can always Google one that suits you best. 

Google Image

Now you will know whether you are aiming for weight loss or you just want to maintain your weight, do some workout and become healthy.

Okay then folks; have you got it? 
My height: 5'0''
My weight: 50 kg
My ideal weight: 40-50 kg
My goal: 43-45 kg 

It is time to take your measurements now. If you don't know how to HERE is a link for that will help you.
SparkPeople is a great website to follow a healthy regime. You can make an account there and track your progress. And it has so many other features. I have used this site as well and i am speaking from experience. 

Now then, we will be working out daily. except for Sundays. Our body needs to rest too. We don't want to look tired now do we?
If you are a night owl like me then we need to change that. Get up early, max by 10, and you will have the whole day to enjoy. Nights are for sleeping. Getting really bad dark circles has reminded me of this fact. We must get 8 hours of sleep every night!
Water!!! i dont know why i have to remind people =/ Drink LOTS of water. But don't go over board. Have at-least 12 to 14 glasses of water everyday.
And have some green tea after dinner every night. Don't put any sugar in it. Take it after an hour or so after you have had dinner. Squeeze in some lemon and drop a leaf of mint if you want. You can also add some cinnamon. 
Do not eat anything at least 2 hours before going to bed.
These are just some tips that you need to remember. 

Each day of the week will represent one of the focus points on our body.
Following is the schedule;

*Every Saturday we will have random exercises that focus on different parts of our body. 

So that is it for today folks, tomorrow i am gonna tell you the diet plan and the about the exercises as well.
And as the great saying goes; "Lets do it!"

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  1. as per the chart given i dont need to loose weight but i still want to reduce 3 kg....

    I have followed this weekly excercise routine for around 5-6 months from tiffany rothe videos but trust me these excercise only work for you until you follow them.Once you leave them .. so now i think one should follow which is ideal to continue in future.. especially when you have other responsibilities too.
    Start with a diet control.. dont skip anything. as everything is important n needed but control the way you eat it.. I was an oil addict.. loved deep fries items and a coke maniac. i left both things first and tried to get on the fruits and juices side..
    I eat roti but reduced the number from 1.5 to 1 .. if i eat rice i try to eat something light in next meal(sometimes it does not work though) ..I walk and complete 10k steps daily which is around a 2 hour job.
    i have seen a major change in my shape as its getting toned but my waist measurement is still same. and for that i try to do reverse crunches and skipping... but waist always need time to shrink..

    i hope it helps :)


    1. Thanks for the great tips nida ^_^ and i agree completely this is a lifestyle not just a one timething. a healthy routine is so important for everyone. our elders masha'Allah lived so long because of the reason that they used their body so much, for us everything is now just a click away and we have become so lazy the less we move the better we feel. but we dont realize that this can cause so many problems for us later on in our life. It is important to fix any kind of workout in our daily routine some way or the other.

  2. Nice tips.....but I can never ever try this pure green tea...I hate to add lemon and I always go for sugar...I know it's bad but I do it.....xoxoxo.....^_^

    1. haha try and incorporate flavors that you like =) it is really good for weight loss and between you and me, i am not very fond of it either =p

  3. I liked it. Its quite helpful. I read your previous post too. Keep posting. Good job. I think im also joining u in this marathon. :))

    1. thanks, Lucy =D I welcome you on board ;)

  4. Great I am going to give u a shout out on my FB page so more girls may join u :)

  5. ok girl I am game.Aap k sath sath i will do the workouts too :)

    1. yayy watch this space for the exercises then =D

  6. I'd always been a chubby kid since my childhood cus of being single child of my parents so they poured all of their love in form of food and resulting ''FAT'' me and then cause of some hormonal problems. Not so long I jumped of a bandwagon for my weight loss and I lost tremendous 23kgs in 8 months by aerobics & yoga and by following diets ( cheat days included, where I eat whatever I want to once in a month). I'd aimed to loose 25 more kgs but I had to quit it cus of my hectic job routine and then cus of my illness and adverse side effects of meds I gained weight (mean while my body was still in shape cus of yoga). I already decided to shed down these excess pounds by the beginning of this year and its been two months now I've been eating clean and working 5x or 6x a day and 75-90 mins of workout (split into 45mins or 30 mins each) and I've already lost 8kgs so far. Can't wait to hit my goal but by writing that long story I just meant to say there's no tomorrow as ITS NOW OR ITS NEVER. You can never loose weight if you want to be in your comfort zone and then what will you called achievement ? ^_^ I know I'm gonna shed down those excess pounds as I already had done that earlier :) Hope you are going to achieve what you want. -Good Luck-


    1. Thank you for sharing your tips Sana =) This is going to be pretty hard for me since i absolutely love to have junk food. Good luck for your goal and thanks for supporting us ^_^


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