Sheops - The First Buying and Selling Platform Exclusively for Women


They say need is the mother of invention...

When you listen to the stories of entrepreneurs they usually revolve around the missing element in the market that they filled.

For Nadia, it was the need of a platform where women can easily sell their service/products and buy without being harassed or scammed.

And so it all started with a whatsapp group between friends which soon grew to be a renowned buying and selling Facebook group of 30000+ ladies called Sheops.

Nadia and her team have spent days and nights to make the group what it is. A safe, drama free and convenient space for women to perform their buying and selling activities. A space, where women encourage each other, where brilliant business women are growing, and a space where these women are breaking the stereotype of women not being able to do anything more than household chores.  This group is the first of it kind.

My own sister has benefited a lot from Sheops so I can myself vouch that the platform that Nadia has created is an amazing space for ladies to showcase their business activities.

And now Sheops is moving on to becoming bigger and better.
They have gone live on the world wide web. Not only that, Sheops app is also available for free to download from Google play and Apple store!

Sheops is now a safer and even more convenient to use for the buyer and the seller as well.

Online virtual shops will be allocated to sellers and buyers will be able to see everything that is trending just like we see on our Facebook timelines. The thought behind this was to not let the user feel the change from group to web site and let people explore in the environment they are comfortable with.

Now the question is that how will team Sheops verify that the users are all ladies. Well, users connect their account to Facebook and through their Facebook profile the team will check and verify if the user is indeed a woman. Just as they verify it now and so the site remains a safe place for women to carry on with their activities.

The stories we got to hear on the launch event were so inspiring. I was very surprised to realize that us women, we underestimate ourselves so much. Most of us are so modest that when people praise any of our skills and tell us to turn it into a business venture our first response is "kon khareeday ga mujh se" (who will buy it from me?)

Sheops has helped women reach their target market, it has helped them grow their business and it has helped majorly in empowering women. It is extremely important for today's women to dream, dream big and achieve their goals. We need more women like Nadia who.think about women and helping them in their struggle.

As women, we should encourage and motivate each other. That is how we will be able to create a better world where women are empowered and are independent!

Best of luck to team Sheops, The Nest i/o and Pasha. And congratulations on such a successful event.

As i finished this article i gt to hear some more amazing news. Sheops is going to Silicon Valley. Nadia Patel Gangjee will be representing Sheops at GES 2016, featuring Obama, on an invite by the U.S Government and to top it off the trip is fully sponsored by the Department of States.

I wish Nadia and her team the very best of luck and hope this opens up a new pathway of success!

As for you reader, go to
become a member
and sell...
as you please =)

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