The Weight Loss Marathon; Week 1, Day 2


Hey guys! it is the 2nd day of our marathon. I hope you liked doing the workout. If you can't do some of them properly then don't worry about it because it was only the first day and insha'Allah you will get the hang of it. 
Try and surround yourself with positive people. I'm sure you might have shared this with some of your friends and relatives and some of them may say that you can't do it. Well just take a look at today's quote and know that there are also people who want you to succeed. If you are facing a lot of negativity regarding this marathon then inbox me and i will set you straight. I will boost your moral so high you will have to do the mountain pose just to get it down =p But no don't touch it and let it fly towards the sky. I am here to help you out in your goal.

So, on wards we sail and lets talk about today's exercises.

I have been waiting for this =D


So first of all i want to talk about the plank. I looked up a plank challenge *evil laugh* i am going to torture you guys haha not really. Seeing as i am going through the same torture -.- But lets do it for our goal ;) But just let me break this to you; planks are just a teensy bit hard. um you'll know what i am talking about once you do it.

So, be sure to plank daily now. copy this, in fact all the images, to your phone for your convenience. Let's get into shape grrrr!!! haha. Just so you know how to do it, here is a reference image;

Torso Twister, Jiggle Jabber, Waist Whittler, Side Sizzler and Muffin Top Melter

I found all of these on pinterest. tried them and LOVED them. Trust me these work. i have tried them before and they give amazing results. 

If you want a detailed "how to", check it out HERE. Do these exercises with some music on. It feels like you are dancing to the songs.

Full Body Tuck 'n Spreads

Ok so this looked like a fun exercise to me. Lets hope it is easy too =p Here is how you do it.

Side Plank

This is a modified plank. I actually found it a bit easier to do. Check out the reference picture to see how it is done =)

So there we have it folks, Hope you guys are following the diet. Keep your self motivated!! See ya tomorrow then! 

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