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Hey there guys so this time round i got a chance to try the Pond's White Beauty.
This was very interesting for me since i have never used any product of Pond's.

Pond's has relaunched White Beauty with GenWhite Technology that goes three layers deep into your skin, works on your DNA to remove dark spots and lightens your skin to even out your complexion giving you a glow from within.
I am strongly against fairness creams and i was happy to know that Pond's is the first brand in Pakistan to move beyond the “gorapan” incentive and focus on other benefits that our desi skins actually need.
I kept a 7 day diary to notice changes that occurred in my skin. I have been sharing my thoughts on my Facebook page for 7 days, under the hashtag #SpotlessRadiance which is Pond's White Beauty's official hashtag as well.

The 7 Day Diary:
Day 1: The first thing you notice is the smell, i actually really liked it. Bad smelling creams are a huge turn off for me and i didn't have to worry about that in Pond's White Beauty. The cream feels very light. It is not oily at all which is a plus for me because even though i have dry skin i hate it when creams or lotions make me oily.
Day 2: I did not notice any change the very next day but i noticed the color of the White Beauty cream is kinda silvery pink which helps in giving you an immediate subtle glow. 
Day 3: No change up till now. So i decided to see how others react to it and i asked my cousins to apply it tell me their first reaction. The common things that they both said was that it feels fresh on the skin after immediate use.
Day 4: On the 4th day i noticed the spot i had, started lightening. I have this one spot on my cheek. it appeared there a few months ago and i have to be honest i did not do anything to make it go away. i was just using my usual moisturizer and face wash.  
Day 5: I felt that my skin was evening out. I have really really dry skin 
Day 6: Pretty good result so far. The spot is very faded now. Its like a light grey shade. Might be gone tomorrow.
Day 7: The difference was apparent there are no spots on my skin (although i had just 1, but hey i had it for months), my skin glows and my skin has evened out to an extent. Of course there is still more for it to work on and i am still using it.

The best part is that it is so affordable at just Rs.220 and i am sure you can tell from the pictures that it will easily last you 2 to 3 months. It is readily available. You can easily find it at your nearest cosmetics store. 

I love, love, love the packaging. I find it beyond adorable.
I recommend Pond's White Beauty especially to people with oily skin since it is oil free. Give it time to work. With continuous use i am sure you will see the difference in your skin. So get your hands on Pond's White Beauty before it is all sold out.
You can follow Pond's Pakistan on Facebook and Twitter on the following links:

Relaunch Event
Now lets have a glimpse at the Relaunch event with the Beauty Bloggers.
It is always fun to meet up with the bloggers, discuss our new likes and dislikes, our opinions on the product in question and then of course the disease of selfititis that all of us beauty bloggers have ;)
The event started off with delicious lemonade, mouthwatering cupcakes and loads more delectable, and later had an interactive session with Dr. Saeeda Mandviwaala. Everyone participated in a surprise giveaway too. We had to tweet compliments to each other with the official Pond's White Beauty Hashtag and the one with the most compliments got Pond's on the Go Facial and Tony & Guy Blowdry. We all went home, as promised, satisfied and entertained, along with care packages from Pond's.

Ana's Special Tip:
Since the cream is a bit drying, for people with dry skin i suggest you apply a moisturizer either before or after a while of applying Pond's White Beauty

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  4. great review. i like the smell of this creamy but it really makes ur skin drier is a turn of for me :(

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