Mother's Day Out at Sindbad!


I have always loved these special days we have for our family, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Children's Day. They are just an excuse to spend some time together and appreciate the people in our lives.
So naturally I was looking forward to Mother's Day and spending time with Little Munchkin.
I hadn't really decided what I was going to do, perhaps just take him out for ice cream or something but we ended up having a big eventful day.


At Sindbad, Dolmen Mall, Tariq Rd.

I was invited by the wonderful team of Sindbad for a Mama and Baby Day Out which we both enjoyed to the fullest.

Sindbad has a new theme now and has even got a bunch of new games and rides.
The jungle theme is prominent through out the place and emits wild jungle vibes.

But what stood out for me were the bumper cars.
I absolutely love bumper cars but what keeps me from trying them out is the unsafe wiring system and the worn out cars.
Fortunately there is no such problem at Sindbad, Dolmen Mall, Tariq Rd. I did not hesitate once in taking my one and a half year old along for the ride. The rubber tubes make it completely safe and secure to enjoy your bumping experience. There are no wires attached so no problems there either.
It's a fun new twist on bumper cars with shooting lasers at your competitors.
I really found it intriguing how the car spins around when someone shoots at you.
It was definitely an experience worth having.

Even Nadia Hussain. Pakistan's very own Super Model tried the ride and approved it ;)

Little Munchkin was super excited for other rides as well. Kept roaming around and was choosing which one to go on next. He really enjoyed the merry go round and in fact went on it three times while I coaxed him to try something else.

Karachi although has a ton of places to enjoy for adults, we don't really have enough safe places where kids can enjoy themselves.
Every time my husband and I think of taking our son somewhere the only place we can think of is Sindbad. Of course living 5 minute walk away from it helps as well 😉

If you have run out of places to take your child then I strongly suggest you visit Sindbad, Dolmen Mall, Tariq Rd. The ambience lifts you up and the safe and secure rides let you have unlimited fun with your kids 😊

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful day! Hope you and your family had a very happy Mother's Day!



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