The Weight Losing Marathon


*Brace yourself. its gonna be a long one.

With just months left for the big wedding, i thought i should finally FINALLY go for some healthy diet and to lose some weight. I would like to start off with a disclaimer;

I am in no way endorsing being skinny or having thigh gaps. I do not believe in trying drastic measures just to lose some weight. In my opinion, everyone is beautiful whatever body shape they are. I am not aiming to become a size zero or anything else like that. My goal is to adopt a healthy routine and to be fit. Once you are "healthy and fit" you will feel good, which in turn will make you look good as well.

Just wanted to get that out of my system. 

So... i was only going to do a part 2 of the how to lose weight post i did. which you can read right HERE.
But i actually fell off the wagon and now i have put on some weight again. I thought maybe if i blog about it i wouldn't be able to get out of it. I will also be blogging more AND i will also be helping my gorgeous, lovely readers (do i have regular readers? just wondering. give me a shout out in the comments for support pls!)

I have spent daaaayyss working on this post. collecting pictures, making up a workout routine, pinning yummy healthy recipes for everyone who is onboard with me on this to try out. It has been fun i have to admit. 

I absolutely love to plan. Now the part where you are supposed to act upon it...weelll, that is kinda difficult for me. and this is where u come in. I just want your support and motivation so i will be able to do this. It is tough for me to follow a routine since im more of a person who just does what she feels like, whenever she feels like. I basically live in the moment (that sounds much cooler than it actually is). I am not abandoning beauty blogging since a lot of my readers are interested in beauty related posts, (uhhh...i think, is that true? pls let me know in the comments), but my workout routine is something that i want to follow properly now and also help people along so that is why i thought of it.

Now, the main thing that i want you to keep in mind is that pls only do this if you need to. You can always just follow a basic workout routine, because it is good for your body. Also, read my first post to know how to start off because for a chips munching, chocolate gobbling, fries chomping, jelly devouring girl like me, that is the hardest part. 

Okay, so, Now you have to start off by checking your weight. 
This is important because you need to know where to start off. 
You must also measure your arms, thighs, calves, waist and hips or any other part of your body where you want to focus on. 

Lets start off with this and the previous post and then i will update you guys about the workout routine and the diet we are going to follow =)

Fine the next post HERE.

Are you on board with me? Want to adopt a healthy lifestyle? Do you already follow a work out routine? Let me know, by commenting below =) Oh hey, that rhymed ^_^

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  1. Can't wait to see the results ana. Who know's you might motivate some other girls to act upon the eat healthy, stay healthy routine :) Best of lUck!

  2. Best of luck, ill be regular reader :)

  3. aww thanks Huda. You are a sweetheart <3


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