The Weight Loss Marathon; Week 1, Day 1


So i am finally starting the marathon *phew*
Do you like the title image? =D i made it all by myself ^_^

So guys i am posting this at 12 am so you can start the exercise from tomorrow, I will be uploading daily from now on Insha'Allah. Tonight i am telling you about the exercise for Monday so tomorrow i will tell you guys about the exercise for Tuesday and so on.

We will start the day with yoga, if you are working, then try and get up half an hour early, do some yoga and then head for your job. Or you can squeeze it in before your workout. I prefer to do them as stretches before workout. Now then, let me tell you about the poses we will be doing. These are really easy and are for beginners. I haven tried them before either so don't think you are alone in this, i will also be going through the same confusion, and also pain, that you will be going through. So hang tight and know that some one out there in the world is right beside you taking part in this very marathon.

Remember to have a glass of water before you do any work out including yoga.
Following are the poses that we will be doing,

Google Image
Don't panic, i know some of these look difficult.This is just for reference we will not be doing all of them. Only the easy ones.

Mountain Pose

Start off with your feet hips-width apart  and your arms by your side, neck straight. Breath slowly and then lift your arms and reach towards the sky, as shown in the picture. Hold for 5 secs and come back to the original position.Repeat around 6 times.

Downward Dog

Basically your starting position is a dog haha. Make sure there are no kids around or they might want a horse ride and i will not be hold responsible for that. I for one, am smart enough not to do this in front of my nephew. =D 
So get down on your knees and hands. Make sure they are shoulder and hips width apart. Now slowly walk with your hands, only your hands, just 2 or 3 steps will do i guess. Look at the picture for reference, if you don't get it. Lift your hips upward. Your will be in a "V" shape now. Hold for 3 full breaths.

Warrior Pose

Stand up with your legs 3 to 4 feet apart. put your right foot out 90 degrees. turn in your left foot a bit. Then, extend your arms, palms down. Lunge into the right knee 90 degrees. Don't let your knee past your foot. Stay for 30 secs and then switch sides.

Tree Pose

Start from the mountain pose and put your right foot on the left thigh, shifting weight on your left leg. Come to a praying position. Clasp your hands and bring it down towards your chest. Hold for 30 secs breathe and then change your leg.

Bridge Pose

Lie on our back on the floor, knees bent and arms at your side. Pushing from your feet, life your hips up and clasp your hands together under your back. Hold for 30 secs

Triangle Pose

Start from warrior pose, without lunging. With the outside of your right hand bend and touch your right foot. Reach towards the ceiling with your left hand. Stretch your back by looking towards and past your left hand. Hold for 5 breaths then change sides.

So these are warm ups. If you find them difficult Google some poses that you think you will be able to do easily. 

So today is Monday and and hence we will be focusing on our arms. 
Here is an image to show which exercises we will be doing today. 

Just to guide you how to do each of these exercises, i Googled some images to show you how to do these.

Jumping Jack

This is a basic Burpee. An advanced Burpee has a push up n it. Feel free to do it if you have mastered this one.

Arm Circles
The dumbbells are not necessary in this one.

Mountain Climber
This exercise is good for your legs, hips, arms and back.
Tripcep Extension
If you don't have dumbbells at home. Fill a 500 ml bottle with water and use it instead. 
Tripcep Dips

So this is it. Fit in your workout when you feel like you can do the workout without and disturbances. Fill a 500ml bottle of water and finish it during the workout. Adjust the repetitions according to your liking. But be sure to step out of your comfort zone. You can inbox me on my page if you have any question regarding the workout. 

So good luck for everyone's goal! See you again tomorrow then. 

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  1. lovely post like are working really hard...xoxoxo...^_^

    1. thanks for appreciating the hard work Maria ^_^ You are a sweetheart really!


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