Yeh Pakistan Hai, Yahan Sub Chlta Hai


2 friends crossing the busy Shahra e Faisal main road.
Friend 1: Yar Pedestrain Bridge se chalte
Friend 2: Aray choro! Yeh Pakistan hai yaha sub chalta hai

Standing in a long queue, tired, waiting for hours, he goes to the man standing in the corner, shakes his hand and is lead to the front desk to submit his forms.
Son: Papa ap ne rishwat di?
Father: Beta yeh Pakistan hai yaha sub chalta hai

An expensive car being driven at high speed by a young man is stopped by the Traffic Police
Young Man: Kya hai?
Police Officer: Sir ap bohat taez ja rahay thay, lisence hai ap k pas? Dikhaye ga zara...
Young Man: Do you know who you are talking to? Nai dikhata kya kr le ga?!
Police Officer: Sir yeh tow meri duty hai!
Young Man: Duty? Abay Ja!! Yeh Pakistan hai yahan sub chalta hai
and drives off at the same speed.

A woman tries arguing with the rickshaw wala
Woman: Bhai wrong way kiun jarahy ho mae raste k puray paise de rahi hoon na?! Accident hogya tow? Ap seedha le kr chalaen
Rickshaw Wala: Aray baji koi accident weccident nai hota. Yeh Pakistan hai yahan sub chalta hai...

A man tells a taxi driver to move his car a bit so he can park his car.
Man: Bhai zara si side pe lga lo gay tow meri b gadi ajaye gi.
Taxi Driver: Nai bhaee yeh tow motorcycle ka rasta hai ( foot path k opar illegal path ki taraf ishara krte hwaye)
Man: Aray yeh motorcycle k chalne ki jaga nahin. Yeh rasta ghalat hai.
Taxi Driver: Kya ghalat sahi? Konsa ghalat sahi ? Yeh Pakistan hai bhaee yahan sub chalta hai

Every time i discuss conditions of our country with a Pakistani this line is always thrown at my face like a joota. "Yeh Pakistan hai yahan sub chalta hai" has become the official comeback of all negative thinking Pakistanis. You can even try this if you don't believe me.
Kisi bhi random Pakistani k pas ja kar koi bhi sahi bat kijye wo palat kar yehi ghisa pitta jawab dega.

I don't know about you but i have seriously gotten tired of people using this excuse. Yeh Pakistan hai! tow?? Do people even know what the name means ? For those of you dumb people who don't (Yes i just called you dumb) it means Land of Pure.

Land of pure where all kinds of crimes are committed. You name it, we have it.

I understand that our judicial system is not very good. I understand kay aisa mulk jaha Shahzeb jaise larke ko bhi insaaf na milay waha chotay crimes krne walon ko kon pakre ga. I understand that yaha logon ko pakre janay ka dur nahin. I understand humari qoum furstrated aur tired hai. I understand that the government does nothing to prevent this but people! there is also a HIGHER power who we are accountable to.
Government nai puchay gi rishwat kay laen daen ka. Par Allah puchay ga?
Government nai pakray gi kisi k qatal karne par. Par Allah puchay ga?
Government nai puchay gi k dosre ka huq kiun mara. Par Allah tow puchay ga?

Chritian, Muslim, Hindu..whatever our faith is we all believe in a higher power right?!

Why do we not think about Him when we do such acts. in kamon se humara Pakistani honay se pehle aik musalman honay ka bhi taluq hai. Why do we forget that we are answerable to Him?
Signal torte howye, rishwat letay aur dete hwaye, kachra bahar road par phenktay hwaye, kisi ambulance ka rasta block krte hwaye, why don't we bother to think the government is not responsible for everything? and then we say Pakistan ka koi future nai? Yeh mulk tabah hjaye ga? Shame on us!
God forbid, if anything like this happens we the awam of Pakistan will be equally responsible because we never cared.

Even the leaders we have is our own fault.
We have turned away from Allah.
We are no more scared of Him.
We do not remember His power.

"Ab khud kuch karna paray ga...Hum ko..."
My dear fellow Pakistanis. Please wake up before it is too late. Please wake up before things get out of hand. Please wake up and play your part. Please wake up and realize that you are not just a Pakistani, you are a citizen of the Land of the Pure.

For me you are not a Christian. Hindu, Muslim, Jew etc. to me you are a human being first because this is what i have learnt from the Holy Quran.

For me you are not a Sunni, Shia, Barelvi, etc. to me you are a Muslim first because my Prophet (S.A.W) asked us not to divide in sects.

For me you are not a Balochi, Sindhi, Pathan, Punjabi, etc. to me you are a Pakistani first because Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah said this country is for everyone.

Main bhi Pakistan hoon
Tu bhi Pakistan hai
Tu tow meri Jaan hai
Tu tow meri Aan hai
Tu mera Imaan hai

On the 67th year of Pakistan's independence, instead of getting manipulated and divided lets vow to stand together. Lets vow to work towards the betterment of our country. Lets vow to take things things into our hands. Lets vow to not just rely on the government and lets behave like a civilized nation. Lets prove to the world that Pakistan is really the land of pure. "Rashk ab karay ga sara zamana!"

"Kai naslon ki qurbani, kai naslon ki mehnat hai"
I for one know that i can not make even quarter of the sacrifices that our ancestors gave to make this country. So lets cherish what we have.

For my fellow Pakistanis i pray that may we unite under one flag. May we be recognized as a developing country soon. May Allah prosper our nation and may we be able to sing our beautiful national songs with pride instead of guilt.

For Pakistan i pray;
"Tu sada rahay salamat
Tu sada rahay khush-haal"

"Amn O Mohabbat Kay Din De De
Hum Ne Hai Lambi Rat Guzari
Mehnat Sey Hai Azmat Sari
Manay Gi Ab Qoum Humari
Tujh Pe Hai Ae Watan
Jaan o Dil
Jaan o Dil ...Bhi Fida
Ho Tera Karam Maula!"

Pakistan Zindabad!

I do not own the images used in the cover photo or any of the lyrics to the songs used in the post.

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  1. Very nice post...i must appreciate u have expressed it so well... I hope we be united n think like one nation .and then work for the betterment of our country in one right direction... Love Pakistan.. Happy Independence Day.. :)

    1. Thank you so much for the appreciation Huda =) Glad that people can make some sense of my two cents =p

  2. Great post! A much needed wake-up call!

    1. good to see people agreeing with the post =)

  3. Very well expressed ana. Each word depicts your love for our country and for the sincerity you hold in your heart to make the wrongs, right. May Allah guide us all to the right path and May our beloved Pakistan prosper forever and ever. "is parcham k saee talay ..hum ek hain hum ek hain,
    Sanjhi apni khushian or hum ek hain..hum ek hain"

  4. Amazing piece of writing Ana! Thumbs up!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.


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