The 12 Week Weight Losing Marathon Part III


Hi my lovely peeps!!
Here i am again, as promised, with a diet plan for you all.

I have joined the Ultimate Blog Challenge for April which means i have to post everyday in April. Very convenient for me since i already have a marathon going on ;) Woot! Woot!!
So the official marathon will be starting from 31st March now. I have got all the titles made up and they are adorable. Can't wait for 31st now.

Meanwhile, i will go through all my pending work on thesis and get back all free from it insha'Allah!

Let me tell you guys about the diet plan now.


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Start your mornings with a hearty breakfast.
If you are having cereals make sure they are whole grain. Have a bowl full of your favorite cereal or oatmeal. I have Nestle's Fitnesse. You can have some fruits with it too. Cut some strawberries, since they are in season these days, put them in the bowl with your cereal and enjoy a yummy fruity breakfast. Substitute strawberry for banana or any other fruit you like or mix them all together.
You can also have a boiled egg. Season it with salt and pepper and have a glass of milk with it.
Unless you are having cereal or oatmeal. Have a glass of milk everyday once. It is very good for your body, especially your bones.
Try using brawn bread instead of white bread. Please note that brown bread and brawn bread are two different things. What you need is BRAWN Bread.
Toast your bread. Put some tomato sauce on it (will be giving the recipe soon or you can just google it)
Grill vegetables like carrot, capsicum and onions and put on your bread. Grill some chicken and shred it or cut into pieces as well and enjoy this healthy and scrumptious breakfast.


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Have lunch at around 1 or 2 pm. 
You can have a fruit salad or a vege salad as per your liking
You can always have a sandwich also.
Fruit yogurt is also a delicious lunch to have.


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No you will not be deprived of any delicious snacks in this diet =D
Have some healthy snacks when you feel hungry. Try a handful of almonds or make homemade granola bars to enjoy anywhere on the go. Have a fruit that is in season or veges like carrots =D Try the carrots with some Hummus. Yum!! Or even sweet potato fries. 
There are tons of things you can have as a healthy snack. 


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Have 1 whole roti (bread made from wholemeal flour). Please don't have any less than this. Don't listen to people who say you should  have half a roti. I was astonished when i heard a chef on one of the Pakistani food channels saying that "i always have half a roti". She is only skin and bones. My advice to her would be to please gain some weight. You know who you are *death stare*. Just ignore those people. 
Moving on, have grilled chicken, season it and enjoy with some veges. 
You have so many options for dinner. Google recipes and i will be uploading some recipes too.

Take advantage of the season and make a smoothie of your favorite fruits. Always try and have fresh juices. The boxed ones are not very healthy.
When you feel hungry after you just ate, have a glass of water. It tones down the hunger. Remember to have a glass of water before every meal.

That is it folks. You can whatever you like. These are just options for what you can have. You can change things around as you see fit. Just have a hearty breakfast. That is very important.

Ana's Special Tip
Yup, after a long time we have Ana's Special Tip yaayy!! Take a picture of yourself when you start and at the end of the week so you can tell the difference. Check your weight every week or so too. It will give you a boost and motivate you even more ^_^

Follow me on Pinterest. I will be pining recipes, exercises and something to always keep you guys motivated. That is it from me today, ladies. 
Keep yourself motivated =)


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  1. all i could see the dinner image you used ..... haye i feel hungry now :D

    1. haha i know nida, mae tow bohat daer tk isi ko dekhay ja rahi thi =p

  2. I so support you on that breakfast! Hearty breakfast is the best, for those dieting or not. There's a famous saying which goes something like, 'Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a queen and dinner like a pauper'

    1. u r so ryt jaybee! i agree completely. i never used to have breakfast in school but i started in university and i realized how much of a difference it makes.


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