How to Start Losing Weight.


To lose weight the first thing u have to do is get off that couch. Yes c'mon put the laptop down honey, c'mon who's a good girl? Now whats that in your hand?
*gasp* no more potato chips for u missy! 
Don't u look at me with that sad little puppy face. You know its for your own good!
Hmm now go have a glass of water. Go. Now. I'm waiting. Take your time. Still waaaaiiting. Done? Good ! See you have already started.
You got up and drank a glass of water yourself instead of asking someone to get it for you. You see that bum of yours yes the cushion like thing attached to your body. Its not supposed to be a cushion. And don't give me that it has always been like that crap. If you had got water yourself from the beginning you wouldn't be in this mess.
What im trying to say is don't just keep sitting there. Walk, move around, burn those calories instead of moaning about it.
I was always one of those people who whine about their weight but don't do anything about it. Also, i used to be really thin and then suddenly over the vacations gained loads and loads of weight, so it was just sooo much more frustrating for me. 
So one day when i was pinning around stuff i thought ENOUGH! The fat isn't gonna go anywhere if i don't do anything about it so i started doing some research.
At first i only took up the few little tips. Because i think the hardest thing is to actually start. We just suddenly stop eating everything, which is very unhealthy and because of the sudden diet change we eventually get tired of it. So i started of with these little changes and worked my way through. Now i am sharing the same tips with you in this post that i followed and then i'll do more posts so you know what to do next.
Alright here goes.
First of all stand in-front of a mirror and check your posture.
Most of the people have really bad posture so if you have a good one then thumbs up to you lady.
Do you look like this?
Ok now straighten your shoulders, straighten your neck, pull in your stomach but not so much that its hard to breath. Now observe in the mirror. You might not look super thin but you do look better don't you.
This takes time. You will have to remind your self every few minutes. I have been doing this for ages now and alhamdulillah my posture has improved immensely. 
Now hydrate. It is extremely important for your health. If you have dry skin then start drinking more water because it makes your skin better too. Make sure to drink lots of water daily.
For weight loss it helps majorly. When you drink water it keeps your stomach full so you don't feel hungry all the time. 
Remember to drink 2 or at least one glass of water before breakfast. One before each meal you take. And one before going to sleep. 
Try to have more glasses of water during the day and less at night. 
Another thing you MUST do is stop having midnight snacks. Trust me they are just not worth it. They might seem so at the time, specially if you are reading this after 12 and have a sandwich in your hand, you probably think i am crazy. Eating late at night is bad for your health. For now try cutting it down and eventually you will stop eating at midnight. 
Learn to say NO. You don't need to have some chips every time someone offers you a pack. Shake your head and say no, thank you. 
oh and lets not forget JUNK FOOD. Sorry but you have to stop eating it. No more jellies, chips, candies, popcorn on movie nights. One a month is fine but don't go over board. Done have too much burgers, pizzas and other such Fast food too much. If you have a habit of eating these foods then reduce the quantity first don't just stop suddenly because your body will not like that very much. 
Trust me, take it slow and you will see the results. 
Now that you are done. Go Google what your weight should be according to your height and age. If its more than it should be than you should try losing some pounds. If its what it should be then you don't need to lose weight, love you look perfect.
Its not about being thin, its about being healthy.
Do you have any tips you want to share? Tell me in the comment box below =)
P.S this is for 17+ people. if you are any younger than this than you don't need to worry about your weight. You are a kid. Just have fun!

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  1. you have great points.
    Water levels are hard to achieve especially in cold areas because we forget to drink water actually!

    1. thank you =) you are right summer time is easy but you must keep reminding yourself in cold days to bring lots of water.

  2. Another great tip- it really does work for me- is to surround yourself with healthy eating people whether family or friends - all the time. In trying to refuse everything (all the caloric but unhealthy foods without the proper nutrients we need) all the time, we will never achieve our personal goals because at one point we will get influenced and feel bad how come everyone else gets to eat these things and we don't?!

    Of course, with will power we can do everything however.

    1. true its all with about the will power. that's why i only shared some tips that can at first just get us started to work on it. i will definitely highlight your point in my coming posts on weight loss =) thank you for sharing your tip with me <3

  3. i liked reading your advises about losing weight i think it's all true!

    follow me on gfc if you wish! x

    1. thank you lorena <3 following back =)

  4. Hey. Congratulation.
    I nominated to you for The Versatile Blogger Award.
    Check my blog for more info.


    1. hey samra how very sweet of you =) i will definitely be writing a post soon ^_^ yay!

  5. Great post :) Thanks for sharing Ana
    I recently started my own beauty and fashion blog, kindly visit and leave a comment maybe :)
    have a nice day!
    I followed you on bloglovin, follow back if you want to :)

    1. im so sorry for replying late mariam. i just saw your comment. dont know why i didnt get an email for this =/ thank you so much for the appreciation. i would love to follow you back =)


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