Review: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child


My favorite book.
Oh, the things I have learned from this book series.
Things about love, friendship and bravery... Harry Potter taught me that I shouldn't really be focusing on whether the glass is half full or half empty but instead I should focus on enjoying the drink and then I don't know refilling it maybe? To never lose sight of things and people that truly mean something in our lives. And to be as loyal in friendship as you can be...
Of course this might tell you that I love the Harry Potter series... and no no not just love like oh that's my favorite book but love as in ohhhh boy I'm a Potterhead?!!

Naturally when I found out there's gonna be a huge HP Party I was all up for attending it but then mommy stuff happened and well I couldn't attend it.
A 3 day Back to School event was organised at DMC for families to shop eat and have fun in the last few days of  summer vacations.

Looking at the pictures i would say they were definitely able to conjure a magical time at the mall.
The Digital Factory was nice enough to understand my obsession over HP and sent me an invite. The ever so lovely Sara was kind enough (and mommy enough) to understand my dilemma for not attending.
The launch looked amazing and I will forever regret that I couldn't attend it. The pictures looked magical and enticed me so very much.

For now...
Let's get down to business (to defeat the Huns)
Soooo another Harry Potter book. There have been mixed reactions to it. Some love it. Some hate it.
I am here to tell you what I thought of it personally.
I could not get my hands on the book but a cousin (an equally huge Potterhead) loves me enough to share the material with me.

So there I sat wondering if I should read it or not? What if it's absolute garbage it will ruin HP for me.
What if the characters didn't develop as I thought they would? Will it effect my love for them?
But what if it's amazing and it just blossoms all my love for it even more so?
Aaannd thus with this thought I started reading it.
Once I started, my mind... it re-opened this beautiful magical world that I thought had closed down. Of course I have re-read and rewatched the movies a gazillion times but it is definitely not the same as getting to know new stuff and broadening our horizon of the world we all love so much.
It was oh so magical as I tried to consume each and every word, to absorb it and to imagine even the tiniest minuscule detail possible.
Trust me...
You have to read this... you owe it to the trio.

Of course it is nothing like the novels. It is just a script of the play but I think we have the power to imagine it as big or as small as we want.
That's what reading is all about isn't it?
It is a bit rushed I admit but that is also because well it's a play and they did have time constraints.
A few of the characters I feel did not develop or you could also say it felt like they weren't focused on. They seemed as if they were just there because they were pretty important in the novel series and I did get a bit sad about it. There were also times when a character said something and i just didnt think would come out of that particular character's mouth.

All in all my pretty little potterheads I'm quite happy that I got to read a bit more about my friends and how they are getting on with their lives.
Annnd if I have to rate it I would give it a 7 out of 10.

Before you start reading, let me leave this little thought in your head...
"Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home."

Until then my lovelies...
Cheerio <3

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