5 Favorite Lipsticks of Fall/Winter 2015


Do not ask how I took time out for this. I am so unbelievably busy these days.
Doing what you ask?
Being a pacifier for my baby =p
Yes everytime Little Munchkin looks at me he finds himself hungry and must be fed immediately!
Even if he was fed 5 mins ago.

But this is something i will discuss in the Rants from Diaperland! A new series I started on my blog to record and share my time with Little Munchkin.

Anyhow! Back to this post.

Who else waits for the winter season so they can sport gorgeous deep shades? For me, i absolutely love rocking dark shades all year around but i especially started wearing such shades in wintery nights since last year. 

I am loving the trend of berry Lipsticks this winter and most of the shades on my list are...well berrilicoius ;) 5 shades for me was a tough task. I actually picked out 7 shades initially and then very carefully after a lot of thinking brought it down to 5 BUT because I couldn't resist (have i ever?!) i will add a bonus shade that I have been using during day time.

So, finally, here are my favorite shades;

  1. Wet n Wild Cherry Picking 965
  2. Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream in Prague
  3. Wet n Wild Lipstick Cherry Frost 514A
  4. Wet n Wild Spotlight Red 911D
  5. Wet n Wild Dark Wine 522A
  6. Luscious Signature Lipstick 07

Aanndd here are the swatches

So after having Little Munchkin I dont get much time to dress up so I just put on one of these lippies, put on some eyeliner, mascara and im good to go baby!
I usually put on Cherry Frost when im in a fun mood. The shade makes you really happy hehe im no fan of shimmery lipsticks but there is just something about this shade that makes u go wild ;) haha

Luscious Signature Lipstick 07 is perfect for wintery day time. The texture is semi matte and keeps your lips moist and the shade is just right to flaunt around at your work or university or home or if you're like me then to entertain yourself when you're bored (I know you guys understand)

Soooo people share your Winter/Fall favorites and let me know what you thought of my favorites =)
You can check out the 5 Favorite Fall/Winter Lipsticks of other bloggers here:
All these shades are available at... you guessed it right... our very favorite online makeup shopping website Just4Girls.pk
and if you wish to get a 5% DISCOUNT on your order use the code J4GJBA5 on checkout. Use with as many orders as you like =)

Till the next time folks.
Ana -

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  1. You have picked really pretty colors, I have cherry picking by wet n wild and it's such a gorgeous color.

  2. Aww really Sweet Post Loved your Picks! I will now go add links too!

  3. Really nice and interesting picks. Will definitely check them out 😊


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