Rants from the Diaperland!


You may have noticed that i keep disappearing off to take short breaks from blogging. This is not because i am sick, or i have work or im being lazy. The reason is that my life has been on fast forward ever since 19th December 2014.

What happened that fateful day you ask?

I got wed-locked with my Prince Charming!
Hence, i decided to take a break and spend some time with him. Exclusively!
To enjoy moments of leisure.
To make memories
To strengthen our bond
Yada yada yada!

The result?

What else but a wee little baby to call our own. Oh bliss!
We welcomed him with open arms in our world on 27th Oct 2015
Yes that was fast... i know!
and *snap* just like that we went from being a new couple..to being a tiny little family.

I can not even begin to tell u guys how much my life has changed. As I sit here at 7.19 am multitasking. I am burping my little booboo, singing him a lulluby all the while typing this paragraph and also waiting for his hiccups to stop so that I can put him to sleep.
It took me 5 mins to type that sentence btw... just so u know.
But I could not be more thankful to Allah for providing us with this amazing blessing!
Ah! The hiccups have stopped. Time to put him to sleep. I will get back to this post after I have done that and cleaned his poop from the changing sheet. Mr. Munchkin decided to poop just as I removed the diaper from under him.


It took me 2 days to get back to this post =p *sigh*

Anyway, lets get to the reason behind this post.

Naturally, as a new addition comes to my life, i am going to add a new series to the blog. Cuz my life and my blog go hand in hand ;)
So since this is all new and a little bit adventurous haha
I have decided to record my time with my booboo bear through blogging. I want to share my experiences with you guys. It might help mommies to be. It might reassure new mommies that there are more mommies like them; learning as they go. And it might make old mommies smile as they remember the time they spent with their little one.

So look forward to a post about my life as a mommy every week. ^_^

Until then...

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