The Balm launched in Pakistan


Scentsation brought yet another brand to Pakistan. That's right girls, The Balm is now officially available in Pakistan and thanks to the wonderful ladies at Pakistan Beauty Society yours truly was invited to the event.

The crowd present was not surprising at all considering that The Balm is a much awaited brand.
Fortunately, I arrived early at the event and got a chance to take loads of pictures for you guys. The only problem was they hadn't set up the testers at the time and i couldn't swatch the products. 

I know the main thing you guys want to know is the prices.
Honestly, initially I thought it would be really expensive since it is a brand that is high in demand in Pakistan by us beauty freaks but believe me the prices are quite reasonable.

The event was quite fun and us beauty bloggers got a chance to mingle and catch up with each other after ages! 

Aaaandd there was cake!! Yes! and omg it was sooo gorgeous. Being a baker myself i can tell whoever made the cake is a baking genius! Wonderfully crafted cosmetics of The Balm were placed on the cake and the bubble gum pink color was screaming cuteness just like The Balm's packaging.

A few celebrities were also present at the event. I got a chance to click a selfie with the beautiful Sarwat Gillani. She was so sweet and asked the photographer who wanted to take her picture to wait while she takes a selfie with me. 

The best part for me was our group selfie. Just look at all the Pakistani Beauty hehe. It was honestly a complete celebrity moment for us all. I felt like a star really! But now i also know what celebrities feel when they have to have that smile on their face for so long in front of hundreds of cameras.

So girls i am sure you all are excited and some of you might have already bought some products from The Balm's stall at Scentsation. I mean what more can you ask for, you can now easily check out the shades from the stall and get the one that suits you instead of being disappointed when you have already made the purchase. Happy as a bee, aren't you?!

You will find the whole range of The Balm cosmetics exclusively at Scentsation - Dolmen Mall Clifton and Tariq Rd. So get your hands on your favorites before they go out of stock. Thanks to Scentsation for bringing to us another one of our favorite makeup brand. Looking forward to more great stuff from them. And of course congratulations to Scentsation on the successful launch of The Balm cosmetics.

Until next time peeps!

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  1. Woah! Lovely post, Ana. ^-^
    Can't wait to hug you again. <3


  2. Sweet Post Ana :)

  3. Looks like you had alot of fun. The came looks yum! :) x

    Momina Haseeb @ ๑ Divine Smudge ๑

  4. Anaaaa, you look like such a cute little doll, Masha'Allah! <3 I wish I could attend the evnt too but oh well, I had fun in Lahore! :P Eyeing so much of the theBalm stuff now! ;) x

    Jadirah Sarmad | Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

  5. Lovely post .. looking fab MA ♡♡

  6. Lovely post Ana thanks for sharing your experience! :D

  7. great post ana :) it was a fun event

  8. Nice detailed post :-)

  9. Great post! Love the pictures!

    Just wanted to ask if there was a reliable online resource to purchase The Balm products from. I stumbled upon and noticed that they have a whole section dedicated to The Balm ( ) and I was wondering if whether you knew if it was a legitimate retailer or not? I don't want to buy fake products :(

    Thanks a bunch!


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