Review: Jordana Lipstick


Another day, another review and yet another lipstick ;)
i know i have already confessed my love for lipsticks numerous times but i just cant get tired of saying this! i LOVE lipsticks!!

and this time what lipstick did i get to try out? Jordana Lipstick in Raspberry.
Berry shades are my jam they are like my thing yo! and i can not stop choosing cherry redish type shades every time i have to pick a lipstick.

Naturally i was glad i got this shade when i found it in my goodie bag. i was one happy bee.

Jordana Lipstick is contained in black and silver packaging with Jordana labelled on it. The transparent lid closes with a click securing the bullet inside but to be honest it does not look very sturdy and you should be careful when handling it.

Raspberry is a beautiful cherry red shade that Asian skins can pull off easily. Its the sort of color that looks fabulous on mehndis. I dont know why the shade reminds me of mayons and mehndis hehe. Probably because the last season every makeup artist was using this shade for mehndi brides. Pair this lipstick with subtle gold and brown eye looks, the lip shade being the center of attention will pop and look absolutely gorgeous. I already have a look in mind for this which i will try out soon in sha Allah.

The texture of the lipstick is glossy and buttery. I prefer using such lipsticks because i have super dry lips and matte lipsticks and i arent really very good friends =p
The lipstick keeps my lips hydrated and stays for good long hours. Of course touch up is required if you eat and stuff but i think its fine since i always like to retouch my lipstick after some time. The lipstick glides smoothly and doesnt get in your fine lines making your lips appear fuller and yummier ;)

The Verdict

i googled more shades for this line of Jordana Lipsticks and i would definitely like to try some more of these. The formula is satisfying for me and in the price seems good enough. The only thing i have a tiny little problem is the packaging i wish it was more attractive or at least more sturdy. Otherwise, good to invest your money in =) 
Jordana Lipsticks are A-ok! and i suggest you get your hands on the variety of pretty shades before they run out of stock.

Available for Rs. 445 at Just4Girls. And of course especially for you my lovely readers. Use the code J4GJBA5  to avail a 5% discount on your orders at Just4Girls You can use the code with as many orders as you like ^_^

Have you guys used any of the shades in this line? Which ones? Did you like them? Let me know and i will get back! =)

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  1. I also like this lipstick shade too. Jordana has got some pretty good and affordable stuff. Nice review :)

  2. Welcome back to blogging, it will be tough but keep up the good work on both fronts :)
    I am looking for a raspberry shade, will surely try this range :)

  3. LOVELY shade I have it too :) Sweet review
    Maliha -


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