Sleepless in Diaperland!


ok so i know that having a baby makes you a little crazy sometimes,

He doesn't sleep at night...u go crazy
He asks to be fed every five minutes... you go crazy
He wants to be held when you are go crazy
He is crying in go crazy

My baby is colic so i can understand what you go through when you try your best to calm your baby but he just doesnt want to stop crying. It is ok to sometimes feel like things are just too much for you but by supporting each other (you and your spouse) you can keep a balance and manage it without the frustration.

after sleepless and tiring nights my husband sometimes asks me "Ab ara hai ghussa?" (Do you feel angry now?) my reply is always... NO!

I might feel tired and exhausted but i never feel angry.

You wanna know the secret?
It is because i am grateful!

Grateful to Allah for giving me this blessing.
Ever wondered what your life would have been like if you couldn't have your baby? Ever?

i am not trying be some righteous mother by saying all this. All i mean is from now on every time you feel angry and irritated because of your baby, think about the people who are trying their utmost to conceive. Think about those who will give away anything for these sleepless nights. Think about those who actually spend sleepless nights because they DON'T have a child.

Think! and then you wont feel angry or frustrated, instead you would want to hold your crying screaming child, close your eyes and just thank Him for a wonderful blessing.

Hey we are humans and i know it feels like things will always be like this but trust me they wont. Gradually your tiny little baby will grow up,
Then, you will all look back at the time, while your child does his homework, or is going off to college, or will be getting married and you will ask your spouses "you remember how we had to hold his neck cause he couldnt control it himself and look at him now"

With this thought, let me get back to Little Munchkin and give him a little kiss.
Until next time Amigos!

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