REVIEW: Oriflame Sun Zone


One of the products that i have been using this summer is the Oriflame Sun Zone.
I have never tried any of the Oriflame products and i had my doubts when i first received it. Lets plunge ahead to see if i was right or wrong ;)

It is extremely important to use Sun Screen when you are going out in this heat. I believe, for weather same as Karachi's, you need to use Sun Screen through out the year. For us Pakistanis, it is not just a summer product. Like every other girl, i have been looking out for a good Sun Screen and Oriflame Sun Zone arrived just in time. I have tried numerous other Sun Blocks but none seem to satisfy me.
I have a couple of things that my go-to Sun Block must not be
  1. Greasy
  2. Whitening-ness (what?!)
  3. Drying
  4. Sticky
  5. Thin Consistency
I like my Sun Block to be of thick consistency. It should not make me look like i just dipped my face in a bag full of flour. It should not make me look like i have just done my workout and did a mix of squats and lunges (squnges - sounds like an icky word hehe). It also should not make my skin dryer than it already is. AND it should not be sticky at all costs!

Now that i have told you what i expect from a Sun block let me tell you guys about the product. Oriflame Sun Zone is a sun block which protects skin against UV damage and also moisturizes your skin. It is dermatological tested and contains 50 SPF. This sunblock has Cellular Protection Technology. It claims to be non sticky and water resistant.

I have been using Oriflame Sun Zone for 3 weeks now. I apply it every time i go out in the sun. I do not prefer to use SPF above 40 because i feel it might affect my skin. I found this sun block, even though the SPF is very high, did not damage my skin in any way. No acne, spots or pimples appeared on my skin. I did not get tanned over the period that i have been using it.
It does come off as a bit sticky when you first apply it but that feeling is gone when it settles in.
I also checked if it really is water resistant and it does appear to be so.
Oriflame Sun Zone also stays true to moisturizing the skin and does not make me dry at all.
Its thin consistency does bother me a little but since i am getting all the other things from this product, i choose to bear with the texture.

To sum it up i have been pretty happy with this product and plan to use from now on. One of the best Sun block i found, as yet,  in my search for a Sun Block that is perfect for me.

Priced at Rs. 1500 you can get Oriflame Sun Zone by contacting any of their consultants.

Ana's Special Tip:
Apply Oriflame Sun Zone at least 40 to 45 minutes before you need to go out.
Don't rub it on. Instead, dab it on your face for maximum protection.
Mix 1 drop of your liquid foundation with Oriflame Sun Zone and VOILA! you have your very own tinted sun screen ^_^

*This product was sent to me by a PR agency but it has in no way affected my opinion. My review is based on a 100% honest experience.

Have you used Oriflame Sun Zone? What did you think of it? Which Sun Block are you using currently? Voice it below in comments =)

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  1. I got this sunblock after going through ur review and it really is amazing. Doesn't make my face look oily or chalky, didn't make my skin break out or any other spots etc. I even make my toddler put it on when going to school :D Thanx for a great recommendation ana!

  2. I use oriflame sunblock whitening spf 30 and loveee it! Its moisturize but not make my face oily,after 20 minutes apply the cream is absorb and looks matte,the stick texture is normal not too much.Recommended!

  3. Artikel yang bagus gan, produk yang sangat bagus yach untuk rekomendasi...
    Harga Sunblock bisa dijangkau dan menghilangkan jerawat dengan pure skin oriflame yang diproduksi dengan standar yang bagus oleh perusahaan oriflame....
    Selain produk tersebut Oriflame juga memproduksi Lipstik Matte yang sangat bagus untuk digunakan mempercantik penampilan sahabat lho...
    Terima Kasih atas artikelnya.....

  4. Firstly, the best sunscreen for the black skin should be spf50 ...spf means sun protection factor so the higher the better... If it gives you a whitish film, it's only because of one of the ingredients in it (zinc oxide) ... It is wrong to mix your sunscreen with your make up....sunscreen should be applied before your make up...a good sleep sunscreen will not whiten you because it shouldn't contain active ingredients like hydrochloric acid,kojic acid,mandelic acid or any brightener at all... Good sunscreen should contain any of the following ingredients: titanium oxide,zinc oxide or avobenzone... Some formulas make use of two in their products.. please blogger correct your facts here so as not to mislead people... This coming from a certified skin care therapist (cosmetologist).


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