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aaannd yet another meetup. *sigh* i love attending these events, trying out different products, pampering yourself, hanging out with fellow bloggers and gossip, what an amazing combo for a blogger. All the more amazing when the meetup is hosted by Cosmo Group.

At the last meetup i didn't know anyone but since then i have made so many friends which made this hang out even more fun.

We were invited to the same salon we went last last time, Amethyst by Roohi and this time we discussed nail care (OPI), hair care and skin care (IMAGE and Eminence) brands. Upon our arrival we had some coffee (yes in this scorching heat but it was yum) then i was swished off for some skin consultation.

I will be uploading a detailed review about the skin consultation and products. Check out its review in the next few days.

We had a couple of packages to choose from; Hand/Feet Care and skin consultation or Hair Care and Skin Consultation. Naturally i chose the former.

So after the skin consultation (which went very well, thank you very much), we had some refreshments. Pastries, Pizza, Lemonade and whatnot, i went off for my pedicure.

Maliha from Red Alice Rao

The ambiance, the massage chair, the staff and most importantly the products. It was like music. You know how everything is synchronized when making music so everything goes perfectly and has a nice rhythm to it so when you listen to it ohhhh the sweet sweet melody hits you right in the feels.

That is how i feel about OPI mani pedis.

if my memory serves me right i linked OPI manicure to a dance rhythm last time. wait you know what just let me check it out. yup, i am correct. You can check out the post here.

i opted for the cucumber variant yet again because i love the smell and it just feels so wonderful. Next time Insha'Allah i'll try something different for you guys =)
I forgot the name of the color i applied but it was looking soo pretty. it was kind of a pinkish coral. My legs and feet felt seriously great and i felt sooo clean. i just kept looking at my legs to check out the awesome pedicure. I got my fav Matte Top Coat on the thumbs and the rest of the little toes had transparent top coat on on them.

They also had a little lucky draw for IPhone users that Rabeeyah Tungekar and Anila Faruk won. They got OPI IPhone covers =D
Rabiyah Tungekar

Anila Faruk from Anila Faruk's Blog choosing her gift. 

Just like the last time the experience was yet again wonderful. I love how Kanwal and Batool (Cosmo Group Employees) keep asking us how we feel, what we think of the products and what suggestions we have. So if you guys have any feedback i would be happy to convey it to the team the next time insha'Allah.

The gang - Notice how i have my spa slippers on =p I didnt wanna spoil my pedicure ^_^

Thank you for inviting me Cosmo Group and i look forward to chill in another meetup soon ;)

Photo Credits: Cosmo Group

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  1. You guys were having fun while i was in hospital with a drip on :(
    I missed it

    1. awww there are many more to come babe =)

  2. Hey good to see that u guys had so much fun! :)

  3. Everyone is looking great.. Seems like a fun meetup...Thanks for sharing the pics :)

  4. Nice!! You are so lucky to have met so many cool bloggers and makeup enthusiasts :)

  5. Great job Ana! Thank you for sharing your experience with us. I totally love OPI mani/pedi as well <3

    1. You are welcome and thank you ^_^


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