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Pakistani Beauty Bloggers Community hosted their third secret swap. I’m pretty sure you would know about them but if you don’t then let me just give you a brief intro. Pakistani Beauty Bloggers Community is a group of beauty bloggers from all over Pakistan. Rabeeyah Tungekar and Sarah Ali started off this community with just a few bloggers but now we have grown so much and PBBC now has more than 90 bloggers as members. Even still, there are some more blogs waiting to be approved.

The secret swap is a fun activity that the admins came up with. Every blogger is partnered with a random blogger and has to send her a bundle of things from her wish list. The minimum budget decided was Rs. 2000 and everyone was allowed 5 items on the wish list. The items on mine were:
1. MUA Undress Me Highlighter
2. Rimmel Alarm
3. OPI Matte Top Coat
4. Loose Translucent Powder
5. Stippling Brush
I got 2 items from my wish list that I reallllyyy reallllly wanted MUA Undress Me Highlighter and Rimmel Alarm and there was some other bunch of cool stuff too =D Check this out…

I loved each and everything. Thank You so much dear swap partner for taking time out to select all these things for me. I have been meaning to buy MUA Luxe for quite some time AND in the very same shade ^_^ Great minds think alike I suppose ;)
I sent my swap to Wajiha Shakeel Ahmed unfortunately I couldn’t get her everything on her wish list but I had the most amazing time swatching different products and stalking Wajiha to see what kind of things she likes =p She says she loves them and I really hope she does =D
This was my first time participating in the activity and I had so much fun. I know how hard it is to handle so many girls and there must have been so many problems. Cheers to the admins for managing it so well. I pray that PBBC grows and becomes an even stronger community than it is now.
If you want to know what happens around in the Beauty Blogging world in Pakistan and you want to meet some new bloggers (yes I said meet), have fun and get tips and tricks from amazing bloggers and makeup artists then join our group on Facebook here and like our page here.

Ana’s Special Tip:
Eid is just around the corner so why not have a Secret Swap of your own. Write down yours and all your friends’ name on chits of papers and randomly have everyone pick one out. You have to buy an Eid present for the person whose name you got. Sounds fun doesn’t it?! But keep it a secret and let them guess who the present is from on the Eid day ^_^

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  1. Wow! You received some amazing products! :D I am most thrilled to see MUA Luxe which was on your wishlist! :) xx

    Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

    1. thanks ^_^ it is so nice =D i am totally in love with it.

    2. wow :) u receieved lovely items ^_^

  2. i am so envious of u!! Lov ur stash :)

  3. Yeaaay so glad you loved your stuff, I was really hoping you would!


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