Review: Olor's 24 Hour Active Deodorants


As I sat to write this post, i realized that i have never done a "Whats in my bag?" post
I think every blogger has done one of these except for me. They are quite fun to read and always make me wonder hooow in the world do people keep their bags so organized. 

Anyway so let me tell you guys the one thing that i always carry in my bag. 
A deodrant! 
Yup! i can not tolerate being sweaty and for times when i have to be out for long hours, especially during the wonderful hot weather of Karachi, these little babies come real handy. 

Olor is a Norwegian brand that has a wide range of 24 hours active deodorants. that provide you ultimate freshness. When i got the chance to review their new variants of deodorants i was really happy and looking forward to try out the new fragrances since i have been using Olor's Adventurous Aqua for quite some time now.

Recently they have come up with three new scents.
  1. Rosy Raspberry
  2. Vibrant Violet
  3. Glamorous Gold
When i first looked at the bottles i thought to myself "hmm which one of these will i like?"
So i rated them by their looks first, which i know is quite silly but i always pick the deodrant that looks appealing. Of course if it smells bad i wont use it just for the nice looking bottle =p So i was mostly likely to pick them as mentioned above.

So lets jump right in to review them and then ill tell you how i rate them based on their fragrance.

Rosy Raspberry:
This is a fruity smell made up of Raspberry and Vanilla. 
Being a fruity smell it is pretty sweet and i felt that it has very light notes of vanilla and more stronger of the Raspberry. The fragrance is actually quite peculiar and would have appealed to me if it was food hehe.

Vibrant Violet:
Next comes Vibrant Violet which is composed of Iris and Black Currant. 
Black Currant is my favorite flavor in food but when i first saw this i wasnt really sure how i would like the fragrance. To my surprise it was actually quite pleasant. It has really nice flowery notes and very subtle notes of the blackcurrant which makes up a great combo. 

Glamorous Gold:
Last but not the least, Glamorous Gold, a combination of Lilac and Amber. When i read the description i was sure i was going to like this. I prefer earthy fragrances over sweet ones and was super glad that Olor came up with this one. The delicate notes of lilac and the spicy notes of amber make this fragrance warm and musky.

All of these variants are quite strong smelling so you need not spray a load of it because it might just overwhelm you. They last for quite some time. At the end of the day when i was putting away my clothes, i could still faintly smell Glamorous Gold (the one i tested for the whole day).
I prefer to put on rich scents which is why when i was young i would put on a load of my father's perfume. So its no surprise when i say that Glamorous Gold is the best fragrance out of these three. (which also tells you that looks can be deceiving =p)The second i would say is Vibrant Violet, while Rosy Raspberry is just not my cup of tea. Although, if you like sweet, fruity fragrances then you would probably love it. 

I have never reviewed perfumes or deodorants before because i thought it would be difficult but hey this was actually kind of fun. Sooo you might just see more of such reviews on Ana's Journal. Hope this was helpful and would make it easier for you to pick your favorite scent. 

Until next time my Lovelies!! <3


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  1. Soon what I wanna know is how did you balance them so well? My balancing game is so off when I'm taking pictures for my blog, everything falling here and there and everywhere haha! Love it <3

    1. haha i was so scared that they will fall and get lost =p

  2. these are really nice I am liking mine too!

    I love the review and the fun creative photos <3
    Maliha Rao / Red Alice Rao

    1. Thank you so much Maliha! Means alot.

  4. Haha, I agree, I love GG too and Raspberry one smells like cupcakes or something! :D x

    Jadirah Sarmad at Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

  5. great post dear how about following each other?

    1. Thnaks =) and sure i would love to!


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