The Girl is Gone


So not many people know that i like to write random little stories. So here is one for you guys to read. If you like it, i might just share some more with you.

As she heard the words coming out of his mouth, she knew what she thought would never happen, had happened. She could feel her eyes burning. No, must resist, she thought. She could not see the same man she had shared her vows with. The man who said she would always be the only one for him, stood no more in front of her. She could feel the walls closing in, the room seemed to be getting smaller, and smaller still. She got off the bed. Going towards the door, she looked back starring into this stranger's eyes who did not even flinch as her eyes watered. She slammed the door shut.

As she shut the door, she felt like she had closed a tiny little door inside of her too. There she goes, she thought. The cheery, happy go lucky girl she had eventually accepted to be, was gone. How weird is that a mere group of words can torture you to the core. Can go deep inside you and awaken those memories of pure bliss. Does he not remember how she was holding on to him that day. The day she had poured her heart out. The day she knew she had found her knight in shining armor. It seemed the armor was now starting to rust.

They say she talks too much. Did they never wonder why? She wanted to see people smiling and laughing. She loved it when people laughed at her craziness. The best feeling, she always said, is when you make someone laugh or smile. But who was going to make her laugh, she wondered. Sitting in the garden, looking at the pretty flowers, she felt numb. She could not smile let alone laugh. She begged God to make him see sense. Shivering in the cold night's air she thought of how he would always cover her shoulders with a shawl on nights out. I don't want you to get sick, he would say.

Her thoughts drifted towards her parents, and the last days she had spent with them, She remembered how her parents would laugh at her jokes and then look at her with a weird expression. They always thought she didn't notice but she did. She wondered what it meant. and now she knew. They knew what was about to come in her life. They knew that they might not see this happy little girl again. They knew her life would change, that she would change.

Perhaps it was time for a change. Perhaps, this was destined to happen. Standing up, she thought of how many times he had joked about this. She could hear his words in her mind again, hear them as if he was right in front of her saying it again, torturing her, disturbing every inch of her body. "i am in love with another woman and i am marrying her". She wanted to scream and let all her pain out. Stuffing her duppatta in her mouth she yelled, until her throat dried out. She knew he had heard her, She waited for him to come and hold her. Seconds seemed like hours. No one came.

As the silence took hold of her, she threw her duppatta on the ground. No! she was not going to take this. Just because he is a man, he does not have the right to give her pain. A pain beyond imagination. She will never agree to this madness. Stomping, she reached the door, pulled it hard took hold of his collar, not even noticing that he was wearing the same Kurta Shulwar he wore on their Nikkah and said "No i do not give you permission to do this, I do not give you permission to torture me. I do not give you permission to violate my love like this. I do not give you permission, I do not....i do not...i do not."
"I never asked for it", he said shaking her off violently. Grabbing her by the shoulders he looked in directly in her eyes and said. "Have some biryani ready. My new wife and I will eat at home before we go to bed.

He closed the door, shutting her out of his life. Leaving her alone with the pain.

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  1. This story burnt my toasts! totally gripping and sad as he'll :(

  2. "Have some biryani ready. My new wife and I will eat at home before we go to bed." Good One!

  3. Great but very sad :(.. Very creative Anna you should write more of such posts...

  4. Very creative Ana. Such stories are a shocker as well as full of grief.

  5. Very nice and creative, you can write a great novel :)

  6. You have wrote such a creative piece :) Loved it :) You should do more such posts :)

  7. mashallah creative girl :)

  8. Oh wow! I always love knowing other people who write such short stories! :) I myself write poems more than stories but you are very creative Mashallah! :) x

    Jadirah Sarmad | Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

  9. Very creative of you. Keep it up and keep sharing :)

  10. very nicely written piece. <3 You should definitely write more...waisey end mai girl ko chaihey tha zehr wali biryani pka leti inn k lieye :p


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