Pin-Trust? A New Weekly Series


Hey guys!
So in the last post of my babblings i told you about some new ideas that have been cooking in my mind for the blog.
One of them is Pin-Trust?

If you have a Pinterest account you probably know what i am talking about.
My sisters and i are totally addicted to Pinterest. i have loads of Pins in my account but i keep saving them and always think ill try them once i know if it actually works.

And i thought there might be loads of people like me who literally pin these pins and never look back.
So, all you people out there have no fear, Ana's Journal is here!

Send in the pins you want to see are worth your time and i will try them out every week and tell you personally through a message or email if it is a trustworthy pin. I will also write a detailed post to let you guys know if there were any problems and how i overcame them.

Do you guys like the sound of that? If yes, then pls voice it in the comment.
And as usual if you have any suggestions please let me know so i can make this site more interesting for you =)

You can follow me on my Pinterest account here:

So until then...

*The Pins will only be reviewed if they are relevant.

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  1. great idea .. m also on pinterest would love to follow you there .. waiting for your posts abt ur experiences x


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