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Hey there guys so finally after a break of more than a month I AM BACK.

Thankfully the Mr.and family is extremely supportive of my ventures and encouraged me to start blogging again. YAY!!

and so i couldn't wait any longer. As soon as Mr. Husband got me the laptop i started chalking out plans to take the blog to a new level. 

The first thing to do was work on my blog and give it a more professional look. Thanks to Huda Naveed from The Lipstickholic i was able to give my blog a complete new look. 

Next i thought of some ideas for weekly series on my blog and the social media accounts. 
You will get to know more about these ideas in the coming days. You can spot one of these ideas on my blog as well.

and as my Facebook page is about to hit a 1000 likes, i will be collaborating for a giveaway with my very good friend Sana from Sana@Makeupaholic. I am very excited about it and in sha Allah we will both come up with something amazing to giveaway.

I have got a bunch of stuff from my wedding shopping to show you guys. i cant wait to show the makeup i got and what looks i tried with them. Also loads of fun details from my wedding and the new life.

Until i get my hands on a real good camera we are gonna have to put a stop to the videos i started, although you might see a little something up on the channel soon. Just a little something to show you guys my craziness and what Mr. Husband has to put up with.

Soooo yeah a ton of stuff to look forward to and i am so excited to do all this. Ohhh and yes you maayyy also see a little bit of change in the url up there soon as well. 

Hoping for the best and more!


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  1. Your blog looks amazing. Looking forward to more posts from you. :) x

    1. P.S. You look beautiful in your wedding picture. MashAllah!

  2. Many congrats on you new journey and welcome back :) you look stunning in your picture Mashallah, stay happy and blessed :)

  3. Congratulations on your wedding ^_^

  4. First of all congrats on getting married dear. The new blog look is just amazing.

  5. Congratulations on getting married and Welcome back :)

  6. Congratulations for your marriage love :) And great to hear that u have got such a good encouraging in laws and huaband and welcome to blogging :) I missed ya :) And i love your layout :)

  7. Congratulations for stepping into married life and welcome back to blogging sweety :)

  8. you are a love .. n such a gorgeous bride MA .. my prayers and best wishes your way <3

  9. Congractulations anna you are looking goregous :)

  10. Congratulations and welcome back! ^_^ Glad to read that your husband and in-laws are supportive of your work! :) You look stunning in your wedding dress! xx

    Jadirah Sarmad | Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

  11. congrats you made a beautiful bride :)

  12. Thank you people for the lovely wishes ;)


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