A Daraz Full of Disappointment


Sometimes, as a blogger or a writer you are at a loss for words.
Usually for writers it is a writer's block. Specifically for bloggers i have come up with a new statement, called The Review Block.

It is the point where you do not understand how you can express your feelings without hurting the company's image.
The marketeer inside me is stopping me and telling me to use kind words and write about the positive points, while the customer inside me is screaming and yelling to not listen to a word the stupid marketeer says and just do my job, which is to write the honest opinion that i hold of the particular company.

This being my first negative review, is very difficult for me to write. As i sit in my chair thinking of how to pen down  type my views i can not help but think that i did gave the company a chance and them blowing it is not really my fault and you, my dear readers, deserve to know what happened as i set out to review the very famous, Daraz.pk

I have been publishing their press releases for some time and thought to actually see how their service is instead of just advertising for them.

Talked to their representatives at the Pitch Media Inc who were kind enough to give me a voucher of Rs. 1500.

Now lets make the whole story short
Placed the order (a sandal from Stylo worth Rs.775, 2 cosmetic products from StageLine), The amount was more than the Rs. 1500 i was given. Of course i was ready to pay the excess. Received confirmation call and was told the order will arrive in a day or two. 5 days later received an email saying my order for the sandal has been cancelled and if i change my mind or if it was sent in error then i should call.
Did so and was told that it was Stylo who cancelled my order.
Now see the thing is. I am ordering from Daraz, hence, i expect Daraz to deliver my order. It is in no way my problem if "Stylo" cancelled it. For me, it is Daraz who is not catering to my need.
I was told that i will be notified about this issue. (Never got any call to resolve this issue. Still waiting)
2 days later the rest of my order arrived and i was asked to pay Rs. 181 which i refused, called the call center and was asked to return the parcel which i did.

Now, please understand that this was not about money. I did not mind paying the excess amount which i was liable for but since the shoe order got cancelled, the total payment should have been adjusted. The excuse given to me was that the system was down and i should just pay because even if i use lesser amount than the voucher and if there is some amount left in the voucher i can use the voucher again.
Anyhow i still refused saying that i wont be ordering again so i dont care if the voucher can be reused and this is how the first experience went.
I talked to the Pitch Media Inc and told them about my experience. They were very prompt and their CEO contacted me directly to resolve the issue for which i appreciate their effort. I was told that they had spoken to the Daraz management and i will be receiving a call soon so i can talk to them about what happened.

I received a call from Daraz after a few days and was asked about my order. I explained the whole thing. What he told me was "ji mam ap ko btana tha k ap ka order Stylo ne cancel kia tha" to which i replied that i already knew this and told him that this is not a way to mange things. Gave him a few tips to which he said "Ji mam ap theek keh rahi hain acha ap ka order stylo ne cancel kia tha theek hai? Allah Hafiz" I was baffled and i said um theek hai??!! and he cut the call.

Annnd a few days later received a call yet again. They asked me to place an order again and they had given me Rs. 2000 this time and i was assured that even if i am asked to pay some amount i can use the voucher again for my next purchase. I reluctantly agreed to this.

This time i ordered two items from Color Studio Pro and 2 from Luscious. The ones i ordered from Luscious arrived after some time (later than the time promised on the site).
The products were nicely packaged. No damage to them and were perfect from every aspect. BUT yet again i was asked to pay Rs. 130. Since, i was not home my mother paid the amount and told me later. This time i did not make any calls because this was not unexpected and i was sure my experience would be the same. After a few days another parcel arrived carrying my CSP order. I was AGAIN asked to pay, this time it was Rs. 30, which i did pay. When i opened the parcel there was only one product inside. Did not call the call center because i wanted to see when they will deliver the product if i dont remind them.
Days passed and yesterday i decided to write  an email to Pitch Media Inc again. To my dismay, i saw an email from Daraz saying that my order for the last item was cancelled and if i change my mind or if this was sent in an error than i should email them. The order was placed on 19th Nov and the cancellation email for the last item was sent to me on 1st Dec.
I thought that i had paid Rs. 160 to the delivery guy for 2 packages and my last order for Rs. 250 got cancel. So i decided to place an order for a Revlon Nail Color that i had my eyes on because they kept telling me that i can reuse the voucher if there was any amount left.
I selected the nail color and used my voucher code at check out. What i saw made my blood boil. Here is a picture for you to see for yourself.

In case you cant make it out, let me help by posting the line here:
"This type of voucher can only be used up to 1 times by the same customer" 

and so after this i decided to write the review. The service being provided is unacceptable and i apologize if any of my readers, who read the press releases on my blog and decided to order from Daraz, had the same experience. I would rather just go to any of the stores that stock their items on Daraz and buy them right there and then instead of wasting my time at this site.

Definitely a Daraz that i would not be opening anytime soon.

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  1. I think the whole system of online website for shopping is not for the pakistani market because they do not deal with it professionally and they do not have updated system !!

  2. That is sad. Mostly I have good experience with Daraz but once Stylo gave me a bad experience too by cancelling my order. Now I dont shop Stylo from daraz.

  3. OMG .... sucha shameee ...
    I had a great shopping and even returning experience with daraz .. but this is not acceptable.... thanks for sharing such an honest review <3

  4. although I have never used the website, Your honest review is so appreciated. Cant tell you how many bloggers share reviews praising companies that do not deserve the praise! Such a shame this happened to you but youre amazing for sharing this!

  5. Bummer! Sorry to hear about your experience. I've never shopped from them and don't know if I ever will after reading this. Plus, I hate these call center people. They're just plain dummies trained with a few sentences to respond and know nothing about customer service. Thanks for sharing.

  6. That's tragic. I have dealt with them twice in last two years and once I had a returning experience also because shoe size which went well. But after reading this post I think instead of shopping from these so called professional online shopping sites we can hop from facebook pages. They are more responible and responsive in this regard.

    Shyzah Dazzles


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