Valentine's Day: Last Minute Gift Shopping


With Valentine's Day just a day away, most of you must be panicking and wondering what to get your better half. If not that, than you would be wondering if they would like what you got for them.

Here is a little piece of advice; if he/she loves you from all their heart than it wont matter what you get. 

But if you are like me, than you probably don't celebrate it. Nothing religious or anything but i just believe you should make your loved ones feel special everyday not just for a particular day every year. I know that is twisted. My fiance is probably relieved at this too. not celebrating it is definitely lighter on his pocket =D 

Anyhow, it is always fun to shop in the festivities, with all the discounts and what not ;) So here is what is offering this Valentine's Day.

Jewellery has some amazing pieces of jewellery. Check out these GORGEOUS earrings =o *hint hint* to all the boys out there ;)


and who doesn't love some chocolates. Frankly, i don't trust people who don't like chocolates. I mean, how can you not!!?


If you are looking for something that can actually be used these are definitely worth gifting


Every time i get a branded perfume i feel very, i don't know, i feel pampered for some reason i feel loved and i feel good about myself. is this weird? However, when i get a deodorant i feel extremely conscious like dude are you hinting at something? is there a hidden msg here? So steer clear of that and move away from that aisle. Unless of course you do want to give a hint. ;) Get some of the most gorgeous scents at exclusive bargain prices from


Although i have never gifted anyone clothes because there might be issues of size and such but if you know the size then they are definitely worth giving. is offering up to 70% discount on huge brands like Fifth Avenue and Ego and so many more. They even have discount on Hush Puppies.

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