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When you get a chance to shop for handbags, you just don't say no. So i am here this time to talk about my experience of buying from an online store,

Let me tell you, first of all, about the website. is an online retail website for handbags, wallets and clutches.

Their motto is to help you make the right choice. They have all amazing brands available on their site, from Blanco, Marc Jacobs, Victoria Secrets, Forever 21 to River Island, Nine West, Zara and Guess. Is your mouth watering? Yup, mine was too when i saw the site and saw the most gorgeous bags available. Platinum promises to provide you with an unparalleled shopping experience. They claim to give you a trendy, stylish and a reliable platform for online shopping in Pakistan. According to the Senior Manager at, these products are 100% original and are imported from Dubai and Spain

So lets see what was it like to shop from and will i be doing it again?

Lets start then...

The Website

Well, the website is very user friendly. You can easily navigate through different types of bags, you can browse through all of them or go through products from different brands separately. They even provide the option to compare products and add them in a wish list if you like.
The site looks very neat, organized and professional. In my opinion presentation always counts. I don't like sites that have a lot of clutter and's site definitely appealed to me.
The only weird thing i saw was in my order history tab. My order status says that it is pending even though my package has been delivered. So, i think they should keep it updated.

Order and Processing

Here is what i ordered; Forever New CrossBody Handbag in Multi Color. It is originally priced at Rs. 4000 on the site but i ordered it during the Valentine's Day special discounts and got it for Rs. 2800 only (yayy!!)
Have a look at the photos of the bag from the website.
I placed my order on 12th February'14 at around 6 pm, received an email immediately and also a call for confirmation, a couple of hours later. I opted for Cash on Delivery (For COD you have to pay Rs.200). You can also opt for Free Delivery through Bank Transfer. They called me again to check if i was home before delivering the order. And i received my package on 14th February'14. Their delivery and customer service is very fast indeed. I was expecting it arrive in 4 to 5 days but it only took a day so i was satisfied with their service. 

Product and Packaging

This is how the package arrived.

Even though my bag arrived in perfect condition i still think it should have been bubble wrapped as well, just in case. I absolutely love the bag. but i am very annoyed at the fact that the button is lopsided which makes the bag look kinda weird. I did not contact customer service to request a change neither did i make any complaints. So i suppose that makes it my fault. 
Oh and replica bags usually have an icky smell about them but this one actually smelled nice and had that subtle leathery smell and is made of Polyurethane. 
The bag seems to be strong because the thread work is fine. 
The only problem i found was the lopsided button.

To sum it all up.
  • Great website
  • Satisfactory Service
  • Good Product (not great, because of the lopsided button)
Authentic and reliable website. In case your order does not arrive in the conditions as mentioned on the website you can contact their customer service and request an exchange with in 2 days. 
You can stay updated with by liking their Facebook page Platinum Store or Follow them on Twitter @Platinumbags

Have you got a Forever New bag? Is it the same? How about sharing it with us? Have you shopped from I would love to hear about your experience. Give a shout out in the comments below =)

*The review for this company was asked for, by providing a coupon. This did not, in any way, have an effect on my experience. The review is based solely on my experience. The review was written in all honesty. 

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