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The Fault in Our Stars-

After hearing sooo much about the book i decided to buy it. Off we went to Sunday Bazaar (yes that is where i get all my books from) and i got a pirated version for Rs. 200. (Along with 13 other books that cost me Rs. 2000; a bargain or what?! *sigh* i love Sunday Bazaar)

Everyone was so crazy about it so when i looked at the book i said to it; "Hello book, You have a lot to live up to. Peer pressure wont tempt me to love you. You better deliver baby or I will resell you."(the biggest threat you can give to a book. Trust me, my books quiver in my hand when i read cuz they are too scared to be put up for reselling.)

Okay. Fine! i'm just being dramatic i never sell my books. I love them too much. Yes, even the ones that are really bad.

The Fault in Our Stars (TFIOS) is a book about a cancer patient, which is as much as i am going to reveal for you. But don't take it as a normal depressed, sad and mopey book. Have you read My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult? It is not like it at all. Well, except that they are both about cancer patients. But that is the only thing that is common about them. Or is it? Muahaha haha haha

I don't want to give away anything about the book cuz i don't want to steal even a second of the amazing time i had reading it. I have never praised a book this much. Except for Harry Potter but then i don't consider it a normal book anymore. Its a bible, i tell you. A bible for book nerds!

Reading TFIOS is like riding a roller coaster. Seriously, one minute you will be laughing, the next you will be bawling your eyes out (I know i said its not sad but it is. Just a tad. Okay, its really sad. It's about a freaking cancer patient. Why would you think it wont be sad? Sheesh!)

John Green has done an amazing job on this book. I don't remember crying over any book. Ever. Not even Harry Potter (OMG did i just say that?!) but John Green did it. He made me cry over a story that was not real and people who do not exist. So basically, i cried over nothing and it made me realize that there is nothing as beautiful as crying over nothing because it just proves that you are not selfish and you are just a human with a kind heart who can even feel the pain of the people who are null.

The Fault in Our Stars, ladies and gentleman, a book that made me conscious of being a human, a book that made me smile, laugh and cry. I could not put the book down and had a foolish sheepy grin on my face through out.

I recommend, no, I Order everyone to ready it.


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What did you think of this post? Have you read the Fault in Our Stars yet? Did you like it? Have you read other books by John Green? Share in the comment box below. looking forward to reading your thoughts on the subject. =)

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