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This is a review for a product that according to me is the most essential item in my makeup stash; Lipstick!
That is right! i absolutely love lipsticks. Beautifully made bullets with amazing colors *sigh* just so yum! Lipsticks are one thing that i consistently use daily. So naturally you would understand my excitement when i found out that Odho Cosmetics has sent me, not one or two but FIVE different shades of lipsticks to try out.

Packaged in gold and maroon bullets these babies look gorgeous at first sight and entice you to try out the shades.

Odho Cosmetics was one of the pioneers to come up with locally made cosmetics in Pakistan. You can find their makeup stocked up at many supermarkets and retail makeup stores. They have come up with wide range of colors and items in their collections and are ready to expand their line even more.

Coming to the item in question at the moment.
All of these lipsticks are matte but somehow i feel they all have very different textures. Here are the shades i received.


Rapture is an amazing maroon shade and i instantly fell in love with it. Perfectly matte and gives you a gorgeous red pout. It did become a little flaky after a few hours and i had to scrub it off and retouch it. Although it is matte and i dont usually go for matte lipsticks but i love using this lipstick solely for its gorgeous shade.


Peaceful is a purplish shade. The shade is not very appealing to me perhaps if it would have been a tad bit darker i would have liked it. i dont like the texture either it settles in the fine lines of my lips and makes my lips look super dry and flaky, Also the lipstick broke off from its umm fixture? i dot know what its called any ways its not sturdy at all so you better be careful when handling it.


Obnoxious is a copperish shade with bits of shimmer which i never thought i would ever like but its my favorite after Rapture. Although, like the shade peaceful it settles in your fine lines (use some vaseline or lip balm before applying the shade) but it doesnt dry out too much and looks really pretty. The shimmer doesnt show up very much but makes your lips look lustrous so that makes it worth the use.


Pleasure is a pinkish nude shade with a ton of chunky glitter in it. The shade is really pretty but the glitter ughh the glitter ruins everything. I am not a fan of chunky glitter at all and this shade has loads of it which seriously sucks. Its super drying and flaky as well. Unless you are one to go for glittery stuff then help yourself but i would suggest you skip it if you are like me and dont like glitter.


Bashful is a dirty brown matte shade which is not very wearable to be honest and that is the reason i reviewed it the last. You can countour with it though because the shade is perfect for that So if ever Odho Cosmetics decides to come up with a contouring kit they know which shade to go for haha. Anyways, the formula is like Rapture and doesnt settle in your fine lines. Perhaps you can try it for different looks for cosplay or maybe when you are trying to go for a gothic look.

Have a look at all the swatches
*Pleasure was wrongly labeled as Paradise


The bottom line? Well... i suggest you try out the lipsticks and see which ones suit you before you buy them. Available in a variety of shades and very affordably priced at Rs. 400. I would personally go for Rapture in a sec, the shade is just so gorgeous. 
Something which you should keep in mind, i have very dry lips and can not pull off every matte lipstick if you are not like me then you may not be able to relate to this review like me. The lipsticks give you nice color payoff and are long lasting. What more can you ask for in this price =)
Available all over Pakistan at retail makeup stores near you.

*PR Sample sent for review.

Have you tried Odho Cosmetics before? Which product did you use? Do you like the lip shades in this range? Sound off in the comments below =)

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  1. Nice review Ana and keep it up ;) :) <3
    Maliha Rao / Red Alice Rao

  2. Nice & honest review Dear.....first of all I loved your profile are too pretty MA SHA ALLAH. Now come to lipsticks, I personally feel that there are many good substitutes of Odho's lipsticks available in market with same price tag. Moreover quality of Odho's lippies is not impressive. well, some shades are good and pigmented also. Dear, I am following you .... I would appreciate if you will follow me back.

  3. Honey you look gorgeous in your wedding...MA. I haven't used any lipstick by odho cosmetics but So far i haven't read any sought of positive reviews on it. Love your review and your swatches.
    Stay connected, GOD bless you.

  4. I so agree formula of these lipsticks vary from shade to shade. But for the price these aren't bad afterall. One can definitely pick out some good colors from the range. I love rapture its such a shade. Nice review :)

  5. Love the swatches .. though i wish they improve the formula of some shades ... lovely review ♡♡

  6. Lovely Review Ana! Thanks for posting the swatches too! :D


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