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So finally after almost half a year i have decided to get back to blogging. I have been procrastinating for ages now and was semi active on my Instagram account sharing looks and a few events i attended over these months. Now that i am back i plan to give more time to my blog and invest my time in writing something worthwhile for you folks!

Getting to the point, this post is a review of one of the products in Masarrat Misbah's new makeup line. You must have heard about the new foundation in the market that is all the rage (unless you have been living under a rock). I am of course talking about none other than the Silk Foundation by Massarat Misbah made especially by keeping us desis in mind ( Now doesn't that feel special?)

I have been using this foundation ever since i got it for reviewing. I initially thought it was going to be one of those products that you get really excited about and then it slowly starts fading away. But it has been months and i am still very much in love with it.

You may or may not agree with me but even though this foundation is for all skin types i think its heaven for a person with dry skin. I usually spot foundations with fancy names and details which are mostly for oily skin type and that always made me sad Boohoo!. I was on the look out for a foundation specifically made for my skin type when i was given this little beauty to try out.

Shade Natural Warmth
Nighat Misbah helped me choose my shade at the launch. She thought Natural Warmth was perfect for me. I did not agree until she put it on me and i was instantly thankful to her for choosing the correct shade for my complexion. It is not darker or lighter to my skin tone, in fact, it is just perfect. That is the first thing i loved about their products. You can go to their salons and talk to them about which shade they think will suit you since most of us girls find it hard to match the shade to our skin tone. The shades available are very close to the skin tones that most of us desis have. This is a problem we usually encounter when opting for international brands since a lot of the shades do not match our complexions and then we have to go for the closest possible shade.

The next best thing about this foundation is that less is more. You dont need to use a load of it. It can give you medium to heavy coverage depending upon your choice. You only need to use a tiny little pump and it will cover your whole face, mattifying your face and also giving it a healthy glow. The formula is quick drying so i suggest you dont go for your full face all at once. Take it in parts. The first time i tried it myself i applied it as i do my with any other foundation. Dot my whole face and then blend but this technique did not work and i ended up with patches on my face because some of the dots had dried out. 

The correct way to apply mmMakeup Silk Foundation is:
Dot your face in parts and then blend one part at a time either with your fingers or with a damp sponge (As suggested by Massarat Misbah and her team). I usually do my cheeks and under eyes first then do the other side and then i go for my t-zone. You need to blend blend and blend so that it looks as natural as it can. Then simply dust some translucent powder all over your face.

Once it sets the foundation wont budge for hours!! I went to Charcoal (A restaurant situated at the sea side)  in the scorching heat wave that had poor Karachi in its grip and i only had to touch up my t-zone and i was all set. Also i found that when i apply this foundation i dont need to conceal or cover my dark patchy parts or my under eye circles since the foundation works very well on it own.  

I can not say anything about oily skin but mmMakeup Silk Foundation is doing wonders for my dry skin. Its silky formula does not dry out my skin which is what i was looking for in a foundation before i was introduced to it. 

I have used mmMakeup Silk Foundation in Natural Warmth for all these looks:

A big huge thumbs up for this great foundation. i will definitely be buying this once i finish this bottle although it doesnt look like its going to happen anytime soon since just a tiny amount is giving me great coverage. 

*The complete line of mmMakeup is Halal certified and cruelty free.

mmMakeup will be available at all leading stores soon/ For now you can place your orders online at or you can visit their salon Depilex to browse through their makeup line. 

Ana's Special Tip

Always wash and cleanse your face when you are done wearing your makeup. Never sleep with makeup on because this is the major reason on breakouts. Your skin is completely covered with makeup and is not able to breathe. So to keep it all fresh and healthy scrub, cleanse and then moisturize your face when removing your makeup. 

Have you used mmMakeup Silk Foundation? Did you go to their salon to match your shade? Did you like it? Think you will be trying this product? Voice it all out in the comment box below

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  1. Amazing Review but on me it turns out grey.

  2. This foundation is love. You look gorgeous. :)

  3. I have yet to try this foundation, it looks great. Lovely review :)

  4. I am also in love with the foundation. Most foundations that provide coverage do not let you breathe but this one actually does

  5. I haven't try this foundation yet it looks great. Thanks for sharing Anna :)

  6. Thank you for the detailed review! So many of us want to try it out but there are so few reviews. The results on yu are awesome. You look fab :) -Sadaf

  7. I still haven't tried any of the MM Makeup yet.You look so pretty Ana <3

  8. You're so pretty, Ana. Nice review! <3

  9. Nice review Ana. I am trying it out too but I haven't yet made up my mind about it. :)

    Momina xx
    ๑ Divine Smudge ๑

  10. Very nice review dear... I wanted to get my hands on it as soon as possible

  11. Aww you are so pretty MA :) thanks for sharing a nice and detailed review.

  12. Welcome back to the pavilion :)
    and Yes, its an amazing foundation, without any doubt.
    Nice review :)

  13. this is much raved product among Pakistani bloggers now a days, wanna try. thanks for the great review


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