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Magnum is one of the only two ice creams i eat (The other is hand made Peshawari ice cream). So you can imagine my delight when i found out that i was one of the bloggers they invited to their Exclusive launch for bloggers. I am sure you all saw the happenings of the official launch, which was SPLENDID.

The event was great. I loved the ambiance of the place. The best thing is that they have designed the store for taking selfies. Seriously the lighting is great and you have tons of places where you can take pictures with your friends. Had great fun in the activites Creative Chaos had planned for us. I also won the Magnum Treasure Hunt contest on twitter at the event which was awesome hehe. Check out what i got.

Goodies for the winner =D

Let me tell you guys about the store. The Magnum store is all about personalized pleasure. Yup, pleasure on order people that's what it is.
The Magnum Store in Karachi is the 14th in the world after opening in places like Paris, London New York Tokyo and more. Also, the amazing bit is that The Magnum Store Karachi is the 1st to open in all of South Asia. How awesome is that?!
All you need is Rs. 250 and you can enjoy the pure Belgian Chocolate Pleasure designed especially according to your taste BY YOURSELF. What more could you want right?!

So the big question is; How do you make your Magnum?
Let me walk you through it...

1. Select 3 toppings out of the 14.
You have 3 categories to select from. The classic which has the usual toppings like Chocolate Rice Crispies, Honey Comb, Fruity Pebbles and a few more
The second category has toppings like Chopped Hazelnuts, Crumbled Biscuits, Chocolate Sprinkles and more
The third category is called The Experimental. It is for the daring souls ;) Every item that you can NOT imagine to put on an ice cream is there. Chili Flakes, Blue Poppy Seed and Rock Salt were some of them.
When you are done with the selection of your toppings which is a very difficult task. Trust me on this! Your Magnum Maker will shake em in a cocktail mixer. You will move on to the other step when he is done shaking it ;)
2. Select your ice cream bar.
You have 2 options Chocolate and Vanilla. I hope they introduce more soon. It will be fascinating to have other Magnum flavors.
3. Select your dip.
Again 2 options, dark chocolate or white chocolate.
Dark chocolate! always go for Dark chocolate. Yyuummm!!

After your selected ice cream bar is coated with the dip of your choice, your Magnum is going to get bombarded with your topping. The cherry on the top is the caramel drizzle on your very own customized Magnum.

Take a look here at my customized Magnum. The toppings i chose were; chilly flakes, small candy pieces and fruity pebbles. Chose dark chocolate for my dip. and the ice cream stick was chocolate. The whole thing had caramel drizzled all over it.

My Magnum 

If this is not the ultimate food heaven i don't know what is!
I know the chili flakes might make you think i am crazy but HEY! don't judge me. I love some spice in my life ;) hehe. It gave perfect balance to the sweetness of the ice cream.

Don't forget to participate in the "Make My Magnum" challenge. Roll up your sleeves get your mind in a twist while you choose the toppings, the dips and the ice cream stick. Take a selfie with your customized Magnum and put it up with #MagnumKarachi. Tag you friends and challenege them to take the challenege after you. If they don't then you are in for a treat ;) Cuz they get to buy a customized Magnum for you =D Fun isn't it!?

To Make Your Magnum, head over to the Magnum Karachi Store at Block 7 Clifton Opposite Boat Basin. The place is big you wont miss it. Google Magnum Karachi Store on Google Maps for directions. It is pretty easy to find. It is open 7 days a week from 12 pm to 12 am on weekdays and 12 pm to 1 am on weekends
In a few words i can define The Magnum Store as the one stop shop for pure Belgian Pleasure. Here are some highlights from the event:

We all love interacting with each other on these events haha
Doing the Make My Magnum Challenge! =D

Gorgeous bloggers - Maryam, Faryal and Sana
Yayy the group photo! ;)
To stay connected with Magnum Pakistan
Like their page on Facebook right here
Follow them on Twitter right here

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  1. it was a WOOWW experience :)

  2. this looks like an amazing event. i would also love to try chili flakes with my customized magnum :) will soon visit the place :)

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  3. yummm post ... i sooo want to visit the store n gt customized magnum .. awesome review :)

    1. yayy! thanks sana. come over to khi and i will take you there. my treat ;)

  4. Hi Ana, it seems you really had a great fun :) I want to know that how bloggers get these invitations? I am a blogger too

    1. Hi Sumaira. Yes the event was great. Invitations are sent to bloggers by different PR agencies. keep your blog updates and active, share your posts on related forums and in sha Allah in no time PR agencies will notice your blog too =)


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