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Only a really really good experience can urge you to write a review on a salon, that is miles away from your home, immediately after you come back tired as heck.

No i was not invited to write a review, no i was not offered anything in exchange of a review and no i am not killing time right now.
I am writing this review because i genuinely want to recommend people to go to Golden Mirror Beauty Salon and have even a tiny bit of the amazing time i had there.

I just realized that this is the first ever review that i have started off with the verdict. haha (Otherwise i am really dramatic and i like to build up the mystery until the very end to keep you guys entertained....ok no i lied. i only do it so you read the whole post. see this is what a blogger has to go through!!)

Ok let me just take you back a bit. *RREEEWWINNDD*

Pakistani Beauty Bloggers Community and Golden Mirror Beauty Salon collaborated for a giveaway exclusively for PBBC members. The winner was to win complete Body Shop services. On top of it one of the 3 people that you tag were going to get a service too. Take a look here at all the services.

and look who won! yaayy!!

My cousin Soophia unfortunately could not come =( *boohoo* so i decided to take my sister instead.
Since this was my first time and don't really know the khayabans in defence. I just dont get any of them, but i do remember the one where my college is located. Khayaban-e-Ghalib...wait i know this.... *quickly checks address on google* Khayban-e-Ghalib *booyeah* see i knew it.

Anyhow i had no idea where Khayaban-e-Nishat was and when were asking around people asked "chota Nishat ya bara Nishat?" and i thought omg things have changed a lot in these 5 to 6 years now there are sizes for these Khayabans.
The address is really simple. Take a right from the signal after Axact. Skip 3 signals then take a left on the 4th signal and there you have it. That's Khayaban-e- Nishat (Please correct me if i am wrong and please do NOT trust me on this) From there you need to go to Nishat Lane 3. The plot number is c3/-c1.
We arrived an hour late because of obvious reasons.

The first impression of the salon: 
Fun and chic. Shades of pink and golden were everywhere with a bit of splash of black here and there. Very different from the usual salons that i have visited in that area,
The main floor has three areas apart from the reception and waiting area. The first is the hair styling area the second is the mani/pedi area and the third, i believe, is the makeup area or for services for your face (except facial)
Downstairs they give the full body services and the facials.

The Services:
Now you know the services i had from the salon now lets see how it went down.
I refused the full body services at first since i have never had them done and i felt extremely uncomfortable. The golden mirror team convinced me by explaining it all to me,
1. You will be wearing the gown through out the services
2. They will only do the services on the areas you want.
3. The room is kept locked and nobody comes in until you are all done with the service.
I opted to just go for my legs till the knees, shoulder, back and arms. Basically the only areas that were visible after i wore the gown =p
Nadia did my facial and the body scrub also gave me an amazing body massage, The girl seriously has hands of .. of ... oh i don't know she was just so good at her stuff masha'Allah. Loved everything about  each of these things. Spent the right amount of time on my facial (Whitening Facial - given according to my skin type), did not make me feel even a tad bit uncomfortable when she was scrubbing and applied the right amount of pressure when massaging... oh the massage *sigh*
I chose Body Shop's Vanilla Body Scrub and Body Shop's Moringa Beautifying oil for the massage.
The Body Shop manicure and pedicure were super awesome too but nothing can lessen my love for OPI manis and pedis.
At Golden Mirror the water for manicure and pedicure had fresh rose petals in it which i loved. My mani and pedi were done by Kulsoom. She may look fragile but boy that girl has some strength in her. Honestly, all the services were more than satisfactory.

OPI - Cosmo Not Tonight Honey

OPI - I Eat Mainly Lobster
The Golden Mirror Team
What can i say about these gorgeous babes. Both are so sweet and it did not feel like we were meeting for the first time. Ayesha was the first person i met when i entered, she introduced me to their receptionist Kulsoom who is also a real sweetheart. We all started talking and everyone was so excited for me. I had warmed up to Khatija when we started talking over the phone about the appointment, the girl has a voice as sweet as a canary. You talk to her and you feel like nothing can go wrong at the salon all your services are going to be perfect. Which they will be trust me ;)
With khatija being the sweet, ayesha adds the spice factor in the duo ;) and ofcourse their team being the everything nice. Not only did Khatija and Ayesha treat their clients nicely but the way they were with their employees made me realize that i had never seen the owner and the employees mixing up this well at any salon i have ever been in.
This is the place you go to when you a need to have a fun spa day alone or with your friends. Don't worry about the relaxation. The areas where they do the full body services and facials is quiet and peaceful and you can easily have your little me time there =)

Khatija and Ayesha had lunch with us all the while telling us their funny and silly stories, much like any other siblings. And as if this was not enough they presented me with a surprise gift when we were leaving. The bag contained a huge pack of kitkat, a Golden Mirror Sticker, their membership for 2 years, a RS.3500 gift card, an Essie nail color (Watermelon) in a tiny little jar and a huge poster of the giveaway winner announcement with my name on it ^_^

My sister and i left feeling satisfied, pampered and squeaky clean.
Thank you PBBC and Golden Mirror for everything =) <3 You guys be the BOMB!! hehe ;)

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  1. Love ur writing style.

    And i am glad u enjoyed the experience :)

  2. Pamper day! We all need one every now and then. Glad you had fun! :)

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  3. wowww must be an amazing experience .. lucky u :)


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