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Time to take a break from all the beauty related posts. Lets talk about something that annoys the crap out of every single one of us.
For some men having a Facebook account means you can interact with any person you feel like you should be talking to. (unless their privacy setting prevents you from doing so)
and if you are a girl and have a Facebook account then you probably know what i am talking about so just sit back and relax because today i am gonna take you for a ride on desperado express of "The Others."

I have joined a lot of groups that provide a platform to help each other out and i post and comment quite often on them. The only prob is every time I comment or post something on a page or group, my Other inbox gets lots of messages from some very charming (pathetic) and good looking(wanna-be) guys who want me to be their friend and use just about the worst pickup lines ever to be made.

Let me share some of the messages that I have received ever since I joined Facebook

"you always put adorable pics... i m stoping my self to msg you since long though every time you came in sugessions that i may add her. the pic is fabulous and sorry this time couldnt make me stop to msg you ...seriously you loiook out of the world prety girl"

"itni kaali q ho gai ho tm ya pic aisi aii hai.."
(why have you gotten so tanned or is it the picture)

" r u...looking magnificient....
r u model
i like long & silk hair like urzzz..its awesome"

But the one that out did everyone else was this guy; 

.. if i say hi.......u may say whoz this....
if i ask for chat....u may say why??....
if i ask u for a coffee.....u may say wt rubbish....
if i say i liked ur profile......u may say m
flattering u.....
if i ask for frnship.......u may say m flirting......
so can u plz suggest me hw to start a new
relation.........with u????
a request........."plz check me out" here lookin f
till u reply i am trying wi
dor u as my new good frnd
i know that i am a stranger to u
u don't know me who am i..........
But just think for a while that all ur friends were once stranger to u and as time passed u made friends in ur life............
right now i am stranger to u...............
so like to offer a frienship to u so that we
get to kno each other
So will u be my friend?????????

Unfortunately, I can not put privacy on my messages because being a blogger and a baker I often get query messages on my personal profile so I prefer to ignore the lame messages. read them, enjoy them and share with a few of my friends just for laughs ;)

On a serious note, there is someone who was so fed up of this that she had to raise her voice. Hira*, a Facebook user posted this in a group;

"A Message for Most Men out there !

When a girl tries to post something on this group it in no means she is trying to hook up or needs any kinda friendship with you . This group is one that helps you gather information and in no sense an offer for friendship invites. Since the last 3 days i have posted something on this group , my inbox has been flatterd with personal messages about guys asking me out for coffee, dinner or even to the extent that they would buy me that expensive jacket ( my last post) if i give my number out to them and most being either married with kids or dating already judging by their profile pics. Please guys refrain from such acts as when we girls post on this forum we are trying to get some help and not trying to start a new kinda relationship on social media. We have enough social life outside the online forum to make friends if needed and most of you all should get out of your desperation and stop acting like such jerks. 

We ( I speak for nearly all women on this forum) are in no manner looking for any kinda relationship with all the Desperados men out there ( i speak for some of the men on this forum, however there are exceptions) and please refrain from messaging us women privately for a date , or numbers . Since 3 days my inboxes has been filled with 20 plus such messages and i am sure most women who post here for an advice would have a similiar experinence.

A request to all such men , to please refrain from personal messages as this isnt a dating site, and a failure to do so in the future would result in me exposing them one by one on this forum only. Peace xxx and a message to all those men who dont get in such acts please teach your fellow brothers a lesson or two of decency as well.

Karachi Snob i would appreciate if you do allow this post of mine on this forum as Seriously such men need to be taught a lesson or two. Thankyou."

This post got 335 comments, some were men and women encouraging Hira and appreciating her for saying what so many girls have wanted to say for quite some time. While some guys were trying to defend themselves because she also put up some evidences to show she wasn't just a girl crying wolf.  Hira made a bold move by speaking up for not just herself but countless other female Facebook users. Whether or not these guys will ever get it, that is another question.
Lets just make it more simple for them and say
"NO, we don't want to friendship."

What do you guys think? Is it time to start retaliating? Was she right in saying this? or do you think it was wrong? Are you one of the people who are tired of this harassment or do you think it is better to just ignore it? 
Share your thoughts (or the fraaandship messages you get) in the comments section below =) 

*Name and post used with permission

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  1. so true ana, i've got the others folder in my FB full of similar msgs. Don't know how ppl get the time and energy to do all this ;)
    Here are a few from mine:
    "(*Deliberatly clears his throat*)
    *Looks out his window... sees a shinning star... gets out to follow it but looses it in the pursuit... Waits for the star to return...*"

    :-) hiiii
    Hi i was just bored .. opened facebook .. searched for
    new buddies .. saw lots of photos.. searched till i found a cute girl ... she was a simple .. good luking girl .. i couldnt continue searching ....
    i m impressed .. how do i make her my friend..
    shall i send her a friend request .. before that i ll message her
    .. yeah thats a good idea.. here i proceed with lots of
    questions in my mind.. wil she accept ?? will she like me
    ... or will she atleast reply ... now its upto her to reply ...
    "i can feel a smile on her face" .. yes she wants to reply ..
    i know for sure
    would u like to be my friend"

    NOT - heres the answer to em

    1. haha he gave this a lot of time and thought =p silly boi ^_^

    2. Hahaha he was writing an essay :P

  2. Hahaha this was epic!! The last guy really tried some of his philosophy on you ^_^. I discovered 'the others' sometime back. I donot post alot on groups like you do but i still get these msgs, trying to impress me by mentioning their uni or asking me to become their fashion model. Some even tell me which hair cut looks better on me. Hahaha. Its just hilarious! But i think its better to ignore them, unless these msgs get stalkerish, since the objective behind them is 'time pass' and I highly doubt they'll understand anything. They wouldn't have messaged in the first place if they respected women.

    1. true that. sometimes i just cant help but wonder how they find us. because most of them do not have any mutual friends with us.

  3. Great post Ana...these messages are a pain ..I got this message a few days back
    "One of my Chartered Accountant friend is looking for a match. He belongs to an Arain family based in Multan but he is located in Lahore from last 6 years due to his job. 28 years old... Height 6" Girl should be Arain.... Sunni, should preferably be in Lahore / Multan or can be in another city.... preferably be a doctor...... Plz reply for more info if u need..."
    I mean seriously its facebook not a marriage bureau o_0

    1. haha oh my! thank God i haven't received a rishta proposal... as yet =p

  4. Hahhaa seriously...When ever i click the "others" tab on facebook....uhhh there are loads of such messages. Nice & different post.

  5. Haha I can seriously relate to it! I receive so much of these crappy messages too! Great post!

    1. I am glad you enjoyed reading it =p


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