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Guess what folks? I got invited to my very first meetup by OPI Pakistan. Thanks to Kanwal Raza of course.
Unfortunately I had a class on Saturday so I was gonna decline but i talked to my teacher and as it turned out, he knew Kanwal and so he permitted me to skip the class. yaay!!
I was extremely excited, being it my first meetup. What to wear, how to talk, will they like me, what if they say this was a mistake you cant be here, what if they thought i was some other blogger and got invited accidentally.
However my doubts were cleared when I reached the place.

The first thing you notice when you enter Amethyst by Roohi is the beautiful pond and the stone steps. The place is seriously amazing. The different shades of white look just spectacular and gave an amazing feel to the spa. Check out this amazing chandelier.

Let me tell you a bit about Cosmo Group before moving on further.
Cosmo Group is a distribution house for renowned international and beauty brands. They are the sole distributors of OPI in Pakistan and possess a portfolio of over 20 international brands including;
  • Keratin Complex Cupola
  • Proactive Acne Solution 
  • Skin Medica
  • Peter Thomas Roth
  • Davines and Priori
Cosmo Group also holds rights for Crabtree and Evelyn Outlets in Pakistan

OPI as we all know is one of the very best companies that makes nail polishes. They have such a HUGE range of lacquer shades. i was actually amazed. My favorites were the reds. 

It was a bloggers and editors meetup. Let me tell you about all the gorgeous bloggers and editors who attended the event. 
The first person who i met was Hina. She is such a sweetheart. I felt like i had known her for a long time, the way she was talking to me. Absolutely loved her. Hina was from the Brands magazine.
The chic Maliha Aziz from Hello Magazine and Amna Saleem from She magazine were there as well.
Now for the bloggers. I cant believe i got the chance to meet such amazing bloggers in my first meetup.  
They are all sooo very sweet and made me feel right at home. These girls are like my peers, so it was great meeting all of them. 

Back to the meetup, OPI was giving complimentary nails, feet and hands treatments (fab, isnt it *sigh* perks of being a blogger) 
So, we could have manicures, pedicures, gel nails, nail color application, nail art what ever we wanted. So i opted for a much needed manicure and some nail color application.
OMG!! it was just bliss. When i saw the others getting pedicures, the looks on their faces was just saying it all. It was so relaxing. 
The saloon's ambiance and the trained OPI girls, I felt like they were both doing a really nice rhythmatic (is that a word?) dance and it was all so soothing and refreshing. The natural daylight in the room was just spectacular.

Oh and the manicure creams... ohh boy they were just gorgeous. They had so many variants for the creams too. I picked the cucumber one because it looked all fresh to me. Oh and an important note!! The manicure creams and stuff are only available professionally so if you wish to have a really nice manicure or get an amazing pedicure, there are some saloons that officially give OPI mani pedis. You dont even have to worry about the quality because all the girls are trained by OPI and give amazing services. It will be money well spent. Trust me. Check these out;

Picture Courtesy OPI Pakistan

Picture Courtesy OPI Pakistan - The yummy creams
For the nail application I decided to get the "Devil made me do it" ( absolutely love the name). and then i was done. But then Mailha got a matte coat done and i was like oh my GOD!! i just have to get that. 
So i asked one of the girls if I could get it done and she was nice enough to help me towards the nail bar (YES THEY HAD A NAIL BAR!!!) and there was a really sweet guy (surprised? i was too =p), who applied the OPI Matte Top Coat to my nails. and they looked awesome. See for yourself.

The Nail Bar and the huge machine for gel nails

Picture Courtesy OPI Pakistan - The Nail Art samples

OPI comes up with a new collection every 6 months. The collections are inspired by people or events etc.
There is a new collection coming up soon so watch out for it girls !! Check out some of their previous collections

Gorgeous shades!!

Google Image

After all the talking, eating, laughing, taking pictures and the oh so awesome services, it was time to go home.
Eating time - nom nom

I had an amazing time getting to know everyone. Thank you so much Cosmo Group for hosting this event. It was a real pleasure to get invited and i am so glad i could make it. Looking forward to another one ;) 

I know this was a real long post but there was just so much to cover =p Until next time folks Cheers!!

What did you think of this post? Have you bought any OPI nail lacquers lately? Which collection is your favorite? Share your thoughts in the comments section below =)

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