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Today i thought i would share my passion with you. I told you i am a BBA student and a blogger, what i didn't tell you is that i am also a baker. I run a home based bakery by the name of The Baking HodgePodge and baking is my very first passion.
I took a baking class from Memon Foundation along with a friend and tried baking a cake from a cake mix and it turned out wonderful. I started making cakes from scratch after that and my family had to suffer through a lot of mishaps =p 
I gradually started getting better and started to blog, which you can read here, but although i loved to write about my baking adventures, i couldn't keep it updated with my studies. 
Then, in 2012 it was my nephew,Nawfal's,first birthday on 14th march and so my sister asked me to bake a three tired cake.
My first order and that too of a three tiered angry bird cake. i was extremely excited. It turned out ok i guess. Here is a picture =)

Not my best effort but it was a start and it was my first attempt at a three tiered cake so yeah not so bad =)You can not imagine the mayhem this sweet little cake created for me and my sister. 
Since then i believe i have come a long way alhamdulillah. These pictures are in chronological order. Check my progress ;)
Chocolate Cake

Volcano Cake

Red Velvet Cupcakes made for a Mela

Chocolate Brownies made for a Mela

Chocolatey Choc Choc Cake- Our Specialty 


Pistol Cake

Dentistry Themed Cupcakes

Mars+Galaxy Chocolate Fudge Cake

My ultimate dream is to open a bakery someday.

but for now, i am running my business at a small scale. 

You can contact me on my facebook page right here. I do not charge as much as some of the other bakers do.I charge what i know people can pay and also work around a budget if you are having issues with it. 
Contact me the next time you have something coming up or when you are craving something yummlicious to enjoy by yourself ;) 
Tata for now girlies ! <3

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  1. Giiirrrl you are so talented. Seriously!! Love the cakes. Hope you prosper and open up a bakery soon :) <3 <3

  2. I nominated you for the Liebster Award! Go check it here; :)

    Yssa ♥

    1. thanks Alyssa, i will post soon =D need to think of some interesting questions now ;)

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks nida =D Sorry just saw your comment =/


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