2013 Haul


yup you read it right. its time for a haul post my lovelies ;)

let me show you all my awesome stuff. (i am feeling pretty cool right now hehe)

i got this little baby for Rs.200 and trust me it was money well spent the brush is so soft and amazing for blending. Found it at Naheed Super Market and the brush is unbranded.

my sister ordered this for me online. i am a huge potterhead (harry potter fan) and love to collect HP merchandise whenever i can get my hands on them. =) so this here is a time timer turner that Hermione uses in the trio's third year at Hogwarts. She uses this to... ok this is not the time or place to talk about this . . You see at a slight mention of HP i can just go on and on. (and here you see a potterhead rambling on yet again about her love for HP) OK! finally moving on...

I got all this stuff this year from Naheed. We go every month there for grocery and i spend half my time at the makeup counters and my family has to drag me away =p

Freeman Peel off Mask i have another one of Freeman's mask and it works really well on my skin (dry). So i thought i should try this out too and also because my sister thought it looked fresh. ;) Rs. 320 i think its priced fine because it lasts a long while. I will find out if it was worth it when i use it.

my sister took away her ear phones from me so after months of listening to HP audio books on the speaker i bought these. the sound is awesome btw! and just for Rs.330. They were the least priced i could find. 

 you can never have enough puffies ;) Rs. 30 only

after using up all of my previous shower gel which i did not like very much and had to endure it until it finished. i finally got a new one. tried it, liked it. =) and the smell is heavenly. i thought it would be really fruity, the kind i dont like. but its not! 

and noooowww, drum rolls please....
my very first red lipstick! =D and gloss =p

The lipstick is Christine shade 06. Since this is my first i wanted to go for something cheap, as in priced low not cheap quality =p it is only for Rs. 125 and i am so totally in love with it. it actually looks better on my mom. i forced her to wear some and it looked beautiful on her. i will do a post on the lippy soon. ;) 
The gloss is from a brand called L'Cher, not sure if its actually a brand or what. anyway it was priced at Rs. 60 and the shade number is 24. 

isnt t fab?! ;)

I also bought a luscious ultra shine lip gloss and nude lip pencil. I bought two red lip pencils as well. the thick one is from Christine the thin one is called, um well, lip pencil =/ 

and on that awkward note i end this post. Hope you guys enjoyed the haul. i know i did ;) 

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  1. love the haul of yours anna....the fluffy brush is so tempting...
    visit mine too,if you like we could follow each other

    1. thank you for the appreciation shafaq <3
      im already a fan of your page and now following you as well =) follow me too pls ^_^

  2. Omg christine princes comsetics range is drooling
    very nice blog im following you
    SadeeStyle While you’re visiting, follow along so we can keep in touch!

    1. hey sadee! thank you so much hun =) i keep putting the lipstick on i am seriously going crazy hehe =p following you back <3

  3. Replies
    1. thank you cenam ^_^ you have a very
      nice name btw =)


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