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Hi folks! So i thought i should do a post on what this blog is going to be about so you would know if its your thing. If its not, then you better make it your thang baby! Anyhoo. It all started when i got a bit more crazed for makeup.
There are so many makeup bloggers out there trying out new looks, making tutorials for people, reviewing their awesome haul. I love all such posts. Looking at all the amazing branded makeup makes me so happy. Um am i being really shallow here ? *quickly changes the topic* So my friend who aspires to be a model was getting all these shoots done for her portfolio and i asked her if i could maybe do her makeup for the next shoot. I don't know how but she agreed. We did an awesome shoot along with another friend who, as it happens, wants to be a photographer. Yes, i am just lucky that way. Things just fall into place so we did an awesome shoot and i absolutely LOVED doing her makeup. My sister and i later decided that i could do a makeup blog. I asked around and one of the makeup bloggers, Sara Hassan, was kind enough to help out. And there i was thinking up a name for my blog when my book shelf caught my eye and i thought i didn't just want to blog about makeup. I want to write about everything that i love. Reading, baking, watching movies, sleep overs with cousins, hangouts with friends, uni life (dont love it but guess i could write about it), cooking and of course MAKEUP. and hence Ana's journal was made. I will review books, movies, makeup and talk about other stuff that i think would make it in my journal. I'm not a very committed blogger so you might not find something new every time you check out the blog so be patient. Don't leave me and bear with me =p I welcome suggestions of any sort and you can also request for reviews if there's anything you want me to review about. I guess that sums it all up. 
come again soon. Ciao ciao!

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