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With home based bakeries popping up here, there and everywhere you have access to satisfy your sweet cravings whenever you want but which ones are truly worth it?
Being a a baker myself it is very hard to satisfy my sweet tooth. And brownies are my personal favorite. They might look like they are easy to make but they need perfection.
So when I suddenly got a craving for fudge brownies the first place I thought of was Pie in the Sky but then I thought hey I know it's hard having a home based bakery these days (trust me i know, ran one called The Baking Hodgepodge for 3 years) and a good word of mouth is mostly what these guys depend on so I set out looking to try out a home based bakery to review here. Asked on Sheops and also randomly searched groups to find as many as I can. 

A few people replied to my query on Sheops and I decided to go for The Mad Batter.

Sometime around 5 in the evening I messaged Pariseh (such a unique name, isn't it) and received a reply in minutes. I was asking for delivery on the same day but she refused saying her goodies are freshly baked and the delivery can be made the next morning (did not have a problem with that AT ALL) Finalized the details and confirmed an order for half a dozen Fudgy Brownies (called Double Chocolate Chocolate Chips Brownies at The Mad Batter) @ Rs. 450.
I later got a message from the delivery service confirming the order.
Received the Brownies at around 11 and devoured them for breakfast (so healthy, eh?)

And now for the good stuff.

The Brownies:
The box is right next to me and it is very hard to resist taking a bite off another one.
They are super chocolatey, right amount of crunch and the chewy-ness? I just can not begin to tell you the perfection it had. Chewy, soft and so so fudgy. Exactly the way I like my brownies.
And @ Rs. 450 per half a dozen they are a STEAL!

Customer Service:
Periseh is so nice to talk to and is super friendly. She was in constant communication with me until I got the box in my hands and even after that she was ready to answer the further queries I had. The complete transaction was as smooth as Chocolate Ganache ;)

The Mad Batter's signature dessert is authentic Italian Tiramisu and the most popular item on their menu is Blueberry Cheese Cake. Pariseh has been baking for almost two years now and when asked about her future plans she said she only bakes as a hobby.

Well here is hoping that her little hobby turns into something big in sha Allah.
Here is a link to their page, go like, show your support and place your order NOW!

As for my craving for fudgy brownies? Oh it was definitely satisfied ;)

Next craving? Red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting!

Until then my lovely peeps...

P.S i also had the brownies for lunch!

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  1. I wanna go and grap some brownies :D

  2. My tummy is growling. Good review. Will definitely order from them.


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