The Independence Day Makeup Look


14th August isnt complete with a little makeup look. Am i right?! Who doesnt love going all green on this very special day that us Pakistanis absolutely love to celebrate.

My husband and i may be totally different ( we are no two peas in a pod =p) but showing patriotism is one thing we totally and emotionally agree upon. Mr husband has this HUGE flag that he puts up in his terrace every year, It is SO HUGE like it was all over the place haha and i absolutely loved it. We also played some rocking national songs on our audio system which was a lot of fun. 

While he chose which songs to play i was standing at the dressing table deciding what look should i be sporting on this independence day. i decided to go for subtle green and whitish look (subtle because Mr. husband announced that we would be going to my mommy's on the bike and i didnt want to look like a green clown with a load of patriotism on my eyes)

So i changed into the only green clothes i owned and then started off with my makeup and ended up with this.
  1. Take a brown shade, shouldnt be very dark and apply some in your crease. This is to create some depth. Dont go really dark all the way to the inner corner just stay till the middle. Blend it nicely and evenly so it looks natural. 
  2. Take a green shade, i used the one that was the closest to our flag, and apply it on the outer corner of your eye. You may take it halfway to your lid but not all over it.
  3. The space left in the inner corner and some of your lid, cover it with a silverish white shade. The shade should not be very blunt. Make sure its a subtle shade that highlights the area.
  4. Apply the brown shade under your eyes (the same you used under the crease) You may also blend some green with it.
  5. Use a silver pencil in the inner corner of your eyes and highlight your brow bone with your fav highlighter.
  6. Do a winged eyeliner on your eyes. Dont make it too thick otherwise the green wont show through.
  7. Line your under eyes specifically in the outer corner with a black pencil. This makes your eyes more defined and i love it. As a guide, line till the arch of your eyebrow. You can use a brush to blend the pencil if it looks too harsh. This gives it a more natural look.
  8. Curl your eyelashes and apply mascara to complete the look.
Well there you have it. As for the products i used?
Here is the list
  • mmMakeup Silk Foundation in Natural Warmth
  • Rimmel London Stay Matte Powder in Translucent
  • Elf Cosmetics Makeup Mist and Set
  • Revlon Photo Ready Skinlights in 300 Peach Light
  • MUA Cosmetics Undress me Highlighter
  • BH Cosmetics Malibu Palette
  • BH Cosmeics 1st Edition 120 Eyeshadow Palette
  • Color Studio Eye Stylist Eyeliner
  • Color Studio Kohl Addict Kajal Pencil
  • Color Studio Lash Obsession Mascara
  • Luscious Cosmetics Lipliner in 06 Natural Pink
  • Mikyajy Lip Pencil in 03 Qaisumah
  • Wet n Wild Lipstick in Blushing Bali
You can find most of these products on Just4Girls
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What do you guys think of this post? Should i do more of these? How can i make the "Makeup Looks" posts better? Give me some feedback in the comments section =) 

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  1. Flawless it....xoxoxo....:)

  2. Ana, you cutie! I love your look so much and you already know I told you I like how it was so wearable! Would love to see more makeup looks from on you and please start your YT already! Hehe! ;)

    p.s: I would totally use your code when I place my J4G order once they get some new goodies! ;) x

    Jadirah Sarmad | Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

  3. This is how we should celebrate our country day 💕 Love your eye makeup <3 would love to see more ;) #SJ

  4. SUPER pretty Mashallah <3 love the eyes!
    Maliha Rao / Red Alice Rao

  5. This is such a pretty look,you looks beautiful MA.

  6. i love the details n your Independence day routine .. Beautiful look dear ♡♡


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