Review: Pizza Hut Freedom Feast


After ages of ignoring Pizza Hut ever since it started going down hill, my family decided to give it another chance when we heard of the new Freedom Feast deal.

Pizza Hut does not require any intro so lets just take a dive in the deal =p
Freedom Feast deal 1 includes;
2 Regular Pizzas
4 Garlic Bread
1 Brownie
All of this for Rs. 1148 - including the tax
Lets make it Rs. 1150 since when have they ever returned Rs.2 right?!

The Delivery Service
I called to place the order at around 10.30 pm, i believe. The guy told me my order will be there in 45 minutes, i asked him if they could hurry it up and he said he will make sure it is delivered ASAP.
I was pleasantly surprised when the delivery boy arrived with my pizza Oven Hot at 11pm. The delivery boy was courteous, said his salam asked me how i was and told me to be careful with the pizza cuz it was hot which in my book makes him good enough. Pappoo pass hogya! =p

Sooo yeah,  excellent delivery service. A nice change from the 1 hour (probably more) delivery wait we had to suffer once.

The Food
As for how it tasted...
Lets go from the least liked shall we. Taking the bull by the horns here hehe

The Brownie:
What is up with the quantity ? Clearly the deal is for around 3 to 4 people. 2 Pizzas are definitely not for one person. A single person aint gonna eat all those garlic breads. Then why in their right minds did they think 1 brownie would be enough for 4 people??? Do they want to see us fighting over it? A session of the hunger games maybe?
and then i took a bite
and i realized
that's why...
Never in my life have i ever eaten such a dry, rubbery and tasteless brownie in my life. How the heck do you ruin a brownie?? its pretty simple to make
Butter, Sugar, Eggs, Vanilla Essence, Cocoa Powder, Flour, Baking Soda and Salt (depending on the recipe) Mix it all together, bake it and you are done! Seriously its that simple! Just..i dont even...i can't...ugghh!! i couldn't even finish it!
Not at all Satisfied!

The Garlic Bread
Very little garlic, too much bread =p I think Pizza Hut should think about thinning the slices. I have always loved Garlic Bread but i did not like it all that day, extremely dry and did not even have any hints of garlic in it.
Not Satisfied!

The Pizza:
We ordered 2 flavors. Our regular choice Fajita Sicilian and because i am on a diet i ordered Cheese Lovers haha =D Hey! Everyone has a cheat day. (i have cheat DAYS)
They were definitely oven hot and looked ohh so scrumptious. I did not have Fajita Sicilian but my family says it was great. Cheese Lovers was pizza heaven. Seriously, it was so fresh and the cheese oh God it tasted ah-mazing!! If it wasn't for the pizza i would have called Pizza Hut and told them to take the whole thing away. The Pizza literally saved the dinner. Unfortunately the dessert (brownie) bulldozed the experience of the yummy pizza.
Not just satisfied but we were actually delighted with both the flavors. Yummy in my tummy it was!

The Size
With so many competitors in the market Pizza Hut should be increasing the size of the Pizza not decreasing it. Put a large pizza of the Broadway Pizza and Pizza Hut side by side and you would have to wrack you brains to understand why would Pizza Hut think someone would want to pay almost the same price for a huge difference in the sizes. If you are thinking its the taste that makes the difference, then being a marketing major i have to say that is not a very strong competitive advantage for Pizza Hut since we have been hearing continuous complains from unsatisfied customers.

The Price
Order pizzas separately if you want to but unless Pizza Hut works on the brownie, ( brownie?) and the garlic bread i don't see how it is worth wasting Rs. 1150 over it.
My cousin ordered a large Pizza (Fajita Sicilian) which was also worth Rs.1150 (maybe give or take a few Rs.) i would suggest you don't order the deal and just get the pizza and a drink. It will at least be worth it.

The Verdict
Pizza Hut really needs to up its game. The Pizza was the only thing i was satisfied with in a deal that has 3 items. 1 out 3 is not good at all. I know Pizza Hut has it in them and i hope they come through from the tough time they have been having. All they need to do is work on their food and the image of the brand and we will probably see them shining as one of the best Pizza places in Pakistan again.

Have you guys had anything from Pizza Hut recently? What did you think ? Which Pizza Chain is your favorite these days? Sound off in the comments! =)

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  1. Pizza Hut has really gone down sadly... their pizza's aren't even up to a standard of other fast food chains...

    Let me know what you think of my blog and youtube channel :

    1. true that. completely agree with you
      i already follow you and you me =)


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